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Apopka's biggest headlines of 2021

Part Seven: City Council debates funding for the Apopka Fire Department


This week, we will review the news year that was 2021. Some of the stories were one-day events, while many others were ongoing throughout the year. But instead of simply re-publishing the story, we'll go a little deeper and provide all of the articles related to that issue so that you better understand the impact they had on Apopka, and how they will evolve heading into 2022.

The seventh part of the series features articles written about the Apopka Fire Department.

We hope you enjoy the look back.

City Council debates funding for the Apopka Fire Department

It was an eventful year for the Apopka Fire Department. Not only did they receive funding to move forward with Fire Station #6, but they also voted to unionize, and were one of the primary issues at the City Council budget workshops. Here are several of the stories we published about the AFD in 2021.

State funding for Apopka Fire Station #6 survives the line-item veto in Tallahassee

Originally published June 6th.

Unionized Apopka Fire Department will make history tonight

Originally published July 18th.

Fire Chief Wylam, City Commissioners debate budget, safety issues at first workshop

Originally published July 21st.

Should the Apopka Fire Department transition to 3-person engines?

Originally published August 9th.

How many firefighters should staff a fire engine? A scientific study may have the answer

Originally published September 23rd.

The Apopka Voice Survey: How do other cities staff their fire engines?

Originally published October 3rd.

Nelson pushes back on criticism of Apopka Fire Department "squads"

Originally published October 19th.

Apopka firefighters union responds to Mayor Nelson's remarks about two-person squads

Originally published October 20th.

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