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LINCOLN PARK, NEW JERSEY - SEPTEMBER 02: River water floods West Williams Street on September 02, 2021 in Lincoln Park, New Jersey.  NJ Gov. Phil Murphy declared a state of emergency as Tropical Storm Ida caused flooding and power outages throughout New Jersey as the Northeast was hit by record rain and tornadoes. Numerous deaths in New York and New Jersey have been blamed on the storm. NY Gov. Kathy Hochul has also declared a state of emergency.
Senate tax proposal includes property insurance relief as Florida homeowners struggle with affordability
The proposal also exempts flood insurance policies enacted or renewed after July from premium taxes for one year, according to the analysis.
The Florida Department of Education's Just Read, Florida! team visited W.R. Tolar K-8 School in Liberty County on Jan. 25, 2023.
Florida bill that would revise the state's pre-kindergarten program advances
Florida lawmakers have advanced a bill this week that would allow young students and those who teach them the tools to be successful.
Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve.
Florida lawmakers try to move aquatic preserve’s boundary to benefit developer
Pittman: "Over the weekend, I heard about something new to me. It’s a bill to cut a chunk from one of the state’s aquatic preserves. It’s being done for the benefit of a developer."

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Florida Legislature considering homeowner policy increases exceeding 50%
Increases greater than 50% on homeowner policies by two insurance companies will be considered in hearings by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation later this month.
No Florida Property Taxes? A legislative study could be the first step toward phasing them out
The elimination of Florida property taxes and replacing them with a consumption tax is being proposed in the House of Representatives.
Hemp being grown indoors for flower to produce CBD oil.
Florida House member insists hemp restrictions won’t hurt the industry
The legislative measure under question (HB 1613) would limit THC in hemp products to no more than 2 milligrams per serving and no more than 10 milligrams per container. 
Florida health centers face financial strain without Medicaid reimbursement increase
The centers are urging lawmakers to adjust the rates to cover what they've found to be a gap of $106, or just over 42%, for every Medicaid patient visit.
A Pinellas County student holds up a plastic bag she found during a recent coastal cleanup.
Trash-talking Florida legislators push a pro-litter bill
Pittman: "A couple of bills are making their way through the current session that seems to be pro-littering. They would ban local governments and state agencies from imposing regulations against single-use plastic items like bags, bottles, and even Styrofoam."
DoorDash Drivers are striking for tip transparency. Some drivers will refuse to work on the app to protest low wages and DoorDash's decision to remove a third-party app that allowed them to see their tips.
Florida bills would regulate food delivery services
Florida lawmakers are advancing bills that would regulate food delivery platforms in the Sunshine State while adding identity protections for consumers.
Florida bill would ban hand-held cell use behind the wheel
Florida House Bill 1469 would prohibit a person from using a wireless device in a handheld manner while operating a motor vehicle.
Nonprofit begins its quest for one million signatures, getting Medicaid on 2026 ballot
The group said it will require one million signatures of registered voters in Florida to get the measure on the ballot. As of December 31st, there are more than 13.3 million voters.
Florida House approves rollback of child labor laws, letting teens work more than 30 hours a week
If passed, HB 49 will ease child labor restrictions, allowing 16- and 17-year-olds to work the same hours as adults, and no legal requirements for breaks in the workplace.
Florida child labor bills: Women farmworkers worry about kids working longer hours in fields
The Florida House will vote on HB 49, which would allow 16- and 17-year-olds to work more than eight hours per day and more than 30 hours a week during the school year.