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Breaking News: Bankson wins Florida House District 39
Commissioner Doug Bankson, who said goodbye to the Apopka City Council last Wednesday, will say hello to the Florida Legislature when it reconvenes in January.
Tiffany Hughes dives head first into the District 39 election
According to voter rolls, District 39 will be a battleground where the number of registered Democrat and Republican voters is about even. There aren't a lot of those in Florida.
Bankson wants to bring a voice from Apopka to Tallahassee
Apopka City Commissioner Doug Bankson surprised a lot of residents when he announced his intention to run for Florida House District 39, a new seat created in the Legislature.
Bankson says goodbye to City Council
Commissioner Doug Bankson said goodbye to the Apopka City Council at its November 2nd meeting after serving six years in Seat #3.
What to do if your vote is challenged on Election Day
With the general election drawing close, it’s important to know your rights in case your vote is challenged. Advocating for yourself is the best way to ensure your vote is counted.
Don’t Believe Everything You See On T.V. 
Tiffany Hughes: "The recent barrage of political attacks against me in voters’ mailboxes and on their T.V. screens have caught me by surprise."

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More than 9 million voters already have cast their ballots in November elections
Roughly 9.4 million Americans have already voted in the midterm elections, casting a combination of in-person early votes and mail-in ballots.
Bankson and Hughes head into the homestretch
There are 20 days left until voters in Apopka and across District 39 choose their Florida House representative.
Florida leads the nation in votes cast so far in 2022 midterm election
As of Wednesday morning, 837,948 Floridians have already voted in the 2022 midterm election. That’s the highest level of participation of early voting in the US.
Should you vote early in the 2022 midterm elections? 3 essential reads
As political campaigning for the midterm elections is ramping up, millions of voters are considering how they should cast their ballots on November 8th, 2022.
Experience Florida's elections process from within as a poll worker
There is an ongoing need for election poll workers like those you have seen taking your ballots during the August 23rd primary elections.
The Race for 39: Bankson vs. Hughes will be a contrast in priorities
The Florida House District 39 Republican primary is over. Doug Bankson will face Tiffany Hughes in the November 8th general election.
Breaking News: Becker wins Apopka Seat #3 special election
Kyle Becker, a former commissioner who just 167 days ago lost a mayoral election, bounced back today with a resounding victory over political newcomer Lynetta Johnson to return to the Apopka City Council.
‘Together we can do anything’: Demings secures Democratic nomination to face off against Rubio
U.S. Rep. Val Demings has secured the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate seat and will continue her campaign to unseat Republican Marco Rubio in November. 
Becker vs. Johnson, Florida House District 39, and the Orange County Commission District 2 races highlight a busy slate of elections
Today, we will learn who will be the next Apopka City Commissioner, compete to represent us in Tallahassee, and emerge in the Orange County Commission.
The legacy of Billie Dean should be off limits to politicians
When campaigning crosses the threshold of respect and becomes disrespectful, ALL CITIZENS should be concerned.