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Darryl Richardson is a candidate for Apopka City Commission Seat #3.
Richardson's plan for the city commission is to run Apopka like a business
Richardson and his opponent, Nadia Anderson, are both first-time candidates. Whoever is victorious will have to fill a vacancy left by the past two vice-mayors of Apopka.
Breaking News: Apopka Professional Firefighters Association endorses Nesta in Seat #4 campaign
Breaking News: The Apopka Firefighters Association released a statement this morning endorsing Apopka City Commissioner Nick Nesta, who is running for re-election to Seat #4. The Apopka Professional Firefighters Association is pleased to announce that we are endorsing Nick Nesta for re-election in the upcoming commissioner race for Seat …
Apopka City Commission candidates Eric Mock, Commissioner Nick Nesta, Nadia Anderson, and Darryl Richardson square off Thursday night in the second scheduled forum.
Debate Night: Apopka City Commission candidates square off in second debate
The Apopka Involved Voters Group sponsors the forum. This community group seeks to inform Voters about current and emerging issues that can directly affect their quality of life.
Apopka City Hall Council Chamber
Apopka City Commission candidates set to debate Tuesday night
On Tuesday night, four candidates will express their viewpoints on all issues related to Apopka. It's the first and only scheduled debate between the Apopka City Commissioners.
Olmstead: Candidates should pay attention to signage laws
In past campaign seasons, our beautiful city has been covered in awful PVC and wire signs for local, state, and federal candidates placed illegally on easements, private properties, empty lots, highways, and sneakily on lot lines, hoping that no one would notice or at least complain. 
Mock leads the field in city commission election fundraising
The four candidates for Apopka City Commission have raised $18,925.07, but $12,350 has been from the candidates themselves - over 65% of the total.
Updating Breaking News: Tucker's withdrawal leaves Seat #3 election as a head-to-head matchup
Tucker becomes the first candidate in Apopka to withdraw from an election since Sue Kidd dropped out of a runoff against Commissioner Alexander Smith for Seat #1 in 2018.
Breaking News: Ryan Tucker withdraws from Apopka City Commission Seat #3 election
Ryan Tucker, a candidate in the Apopka City Commission Seat #3 election, has withdrawn from the race.
Will local election coverage help news organizations win back readers and viewers?
More city hall news coverage isn’t enough to revive local news outlets
The economic pressures on local news have implications that go beyond politics. Large staffing cuts in the newspaper industry included reporters covering the statehouse or city hall.
New financial disclosure law leads to dozens of exits
Dozens of city elected officials in Florida are quitting because of a new law, effective Monday, that imposes stricter personal financial disclosure requirements.