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Developing Story: A third candidate enters the 2024 Apopka City Commission race
The 2024 Apopka municipal elections are still 130 days away, but already the field is starting to fill up. On Monday, a third candidate filed with the Apopka City Clerk.
First candidate files for Seat #3 election on Apopka City Commission
The Apopka municipal elections are still 166 days away, but there are already two candidates running for Seats 3 and 4 on the city commission.
Breaking News: Eric Mock running for Seat #4 on the Apopka City Council
The Apopka Voice has learned that Eric Mock will run for Seat #4 in the upcoming 2024 election. Commissioner Nick Nesta is the current incumbent.
Commissioner Nick Nesta (left) clashes with Mayor Bryan Nelson (right) at a previous Apopka City Council meeting.
Nesta's proactive approach to governing transforms Apopka City Council
Over the course of a week, The Apopka Voice Managing Editor Reggie Connell sat down with several elected officials and candidates for office in Apopka. The second feature from those interviews is Apopka City Commissioner Nick Nesta.
Commissioner Kyle Becker will not run for re-election for Seat #3 on the Apopka City Commission.
Who will run for Seat #3 in 2024?
Commissioner Kyle Becker shocked Apopka when he announced he would not run for re-election to Seat #3 on the Apopka City Council in 2024.
Florida House District 39 Representative Doug Bankson.
Bankson: "When decorum breaks down, so does the ability to govern effectively"
Sometimes, it’s just because we disagree, and that’s okay. In fact, it is good... as long as we don’t pick up hammers and start bashing one another out of sheer frustration.  

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Commissioner Kyle Becker will not run for re-election for Seat #3 on the Apopka City Commission.
Developing Story: Becker will not run for re-election on city commission
Commissioner Kyle Becker surprised the Apopka City Council at its June 21st meeting with his announcement that he would not run for re-election to Seat #3.
Apopka City Hall.
Updating Breaking News: Apopka mayoral recall effort falls short
But today, the 30-day deadline ended, and their goal fell short. New and his team of volunteers collected 1,692, 70 short of the mark.
Leroy Bell and Dennis New standing beside a mobile location to receive completed and signed petitions.
The Stretch Run: Apopka Mayoral Recall heads into the final days of stage one
Dennis New, the Chairman of the Recall Apopka Mayor Bryan Nelson Committee, and his team of volunteers are nearing the finish line of a 30-day journey.
Florida marijuana legalization initiative has 94% of signatures required
Smart & Safe Florida, a campaign supporting a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana in Florida, has collected 841,130 valid signatures, 94% of the 891,523 valid signatures needed.
Recalling a mayor in Florida is an uphill climb, but is there momentum in Apopka?
The Facebook Group called "Recall Bryan Nelson" has begun the process of getting petitions signed by registered Apopka voters to get to the next stage of a recall.
The VFW/Apopka Community Center just a few days before the August 23rd election.
Restrictions on 3rd party voter registration groups emerge as major fault line in elections bill
Democrats and voting rights advocates say restrictions imposed on third-party voter registration groups are the most problematic items in the contentious election bill pushed by GOP lawmakers this …
Are partisan school board races good or bad? Legislation heads to full Florida Senate for consideration
Florida voters would determine if the races for non-partisan district school board members should instead be partisan affairs, potentially teeing up for partisan politics in 67 school districts across the state.
Recreational marijuana ballot initiative in Florida lands 50,000 signatures
Florida could see future changes to its marijuana laws if a petition that has already gathered almost 50,000 validated signatures is put on the ballot in 2024 to legalize the use of marijuana.
Commissioner Doug Bankson says goodbye to the Apopka City Council at its November 2nd meeting and hello to the Florida Legislature.
Bankson leaves the Apopka City Council for the Florida Legislature with a six-year legacy of grace and composure
The newly-formed Florida House District 39 is a rare battleground in state elections. Unlike most districts in Florida, SH-39 is evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.
The Florida Capitol
Proposed constitutional amendments were popular, but not popular enough
Florida voters have decided not to grant themselves property tax breaks for armoring their homes against flooding.