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Apopka City Council begins a new era
Apopka voters made their choices for the Seat 3 and 4 City Commission elections on March 19th, and now they will watch as Nadia Anderson and Nick Nesta take their oaths and begin their four-year terms.
Only 3 states have passed recreational weed ballot measures by more than 60%. Will Florida be next?
While adult recreational cannabis is now legal in 24 states, not all of those measures were passed by voters via the ballot box.
Who will run for Mayor of Apopka in 2026?
It's best to view a politician through the prism of their motivations. If they are considering a run for office, voters should be aware of the possibility. 
The scene in Apopka on Election Day 2022.
Anderson and Nesta won city commission races because of campaign fundamentals
Municipal campaigns require a well-planned strategy. Running for office can be daunting and requires a lot of resources, including time, effort, and, most importantly, money.
With less than 5,000 votes and a 12% turnout, it's time to bury the March elections in Apopka
In an election that decides who will make decisions for a city of 60,000 residents and a budget eclipsing $165 million, it's disheartening that only 12% of registered voters participated.
Updating Breaking News: Nesta and Anderson prevail, but will March elections survive?
Commissioner Nick Nesta defeated Eric Mock with 61% of the vote for Seat #4, while Nadia Anderson defeated Darryl Richardson with 55% of the vote for Seat #3.
Breaking News: Nesta re-elected; Anderson defeats Richardson
Commissioner Nick Nesta defeated Eric Mock with 61% of the vote for Seat #4, while Nadia Anderson defeated Darryl Richardson with 55% of the vote for Seat #3.
Anderson or Richardson? Nesta or Mock? Election Day in Apopka is here!
Welcome to Election Day 2024, Apopka! The polls open at 7 am and close at 7 pm, but The Apopka Voice will be here all day with updates and breaking news once we have the final results.
From left to right, it's Eric Mock vs. Nick Nesta in Seat #4 and Nadia Anderson vs. Darryl Richardson for Seat #3.
Everything you need to know to cast a vote for Seat #3 and #4 on the Apopka City Commission
Election Day voters will have all the details they need to make an informed decision. News stories, features, endorsements, and The Apopka Voice Digital Forum are all in one place!
Orlando Regional Realtors Association endorses Nesta in Seat #4 re-election campaign
The Orlando Regional Realtor's Association has endorsed Commissioner Nick Nesta in his re-election bid for Seat #4 on the Apopka City Council. 
Mock and Nesta clash over core issues
But now, with only 28 days left until election day, the gloves are off, and Eric Mock vs. Nick Nesta has turned into a fistfight.
Candidates for city commission hit the home stretch after a slow fundraising month
In the last month of an election, candidates should focus on maximizing their outreach to voters and getting their message across effectively.
Darryl Richardson is a candidate for Apopka City Commission Seat #3.
Richardson's plan for the city commission is to run Apopka like a business
Richardson and his opponent, Nadia Anderson, are both first-time candidates. Whoever is victorious will have to fill a vacancy left by the past two vice-mayors of Apopka.