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Apopka City Council

Anderson, Nesta sworn in; Apopka City Council begins a new session on Wednesday


The Apopka City Council has a full agenda heading into fiscal year 2024/25. Included in that agenda are a new budget, long-overdue negotiations to settle with the Apopka Fire Department, a forensic audit, and a public safety complex.

It's going to take a strong effort, but at least that work can begin with the election season in its rearview mirror.

"I would like to welcome everyone here for the honored tradition that we all hold sacred... that of elections," said Apopka Mayor Bryan Nelson. "Today, we will be swearing in one new commissioner and one returning commissioner."

Commissioner-Elect Nadia Anderson shed the "elect" portion of her title to become the official commissioner occupying Seat #3. She joined Commissioner Nick Nesta (Seat #4) in taking their oaths of office at a ceremony held at City Hall on Tuesday.

Anderson is the first Black female to be elected to the Apopka City Council and the 12th new member in the last 10 years. She defeated Darryl Richardson with 55.01% (2,494) of the vote. Richardson received 2,040 votes. Both candidates were running in their first campaigns for elected office.

Anderson succeeds two-term Commissioner Kyle Becker, who chose not to run for re-election in 2024.

Anderson sent the following statement to The Apopka Voice:

"Dear Residents of Apopka,

Today marks a historic moment for our community as I am sworn in as your first African American woman commissioner. It is with immense pride and gratitude that I take on this role, knowing the significance of this milestone in our city's history.

As your commissioner, I am deeply committed to representing all members of our diverse community with fairness, integrity, and inclusivity. My goal is to ensure that every voice is heard, every concern is addressed, and every opportunity is accessible to all.

I stand on the shoulders of those who paved the way before me, and I carry their legacy of resilience, determination, and hope as I serve you. Together, let us embrace this moment as a symbol of progress and unity, and let us work together to build a stronger, more inclusive Apopka for generations to come.

Thank you for your support, trust, and belief in me. I am honored and humbled to serve as your commissioner."

Nesta's victory marks the fourth consecutive win for an incumbent on the Apopka City Council. He secured 61.05% of the vote (2,754) against Eric Mock, a current planning commission member, who received 1,757 votes. This mirrors Nesta's 2022 victory over Mock, where he received 61.5% of the vote.

He joins Nelson and Commissioners Alexander Smith and Diane Velazquez as two-term members of the City Council. He is also the first commissioner to win with over 60% of the vote in back-to-back elections in the post-John Land era.

Velazquez concluded the ceremony with remarks that included the wisdom of a beloved departed member of the administration.

"Today is a restart of our commission as we welcome the return of Commissioner Nick Nesta to Seat #4, the seat he continues to serve with Honor;

We welcome newly elected Commissioner Nadia Anderson, elected at large by the Voters, to Seat #3

Also, with this past election cycle, as your Senior Commissioner and now Vice Mayor, I am honored to have the privilege of extending my congratulations to the Commission Council, which will commence tomorrow, Wednesday, May 1st, at 1:30 p.m.

With that said, I would like to share some words of wisdom with regard to Public Service….

Let’s not lose sight of our responsibility and accountability to our City Residents, who entrust us to make the best choices and decisions on their behalf. Our City is growing exponentially and the citizens rely on us to keep them informed; to be good stewards of the Tax Revenue Funds; to be transparent; to work diligently on their behalf. It is important to be accessible to our citizens. To be respectful. A public servant job is not a 9 to 5 employment. It is one where we go out into the communities and get to know & connect with them and to promote our City by building on its rich history. Every family and person(s) choosing Apopka as their home deserves to be embraced and celebrated.

Also, I would like to mention and remind us all that the backbone and the success of our City are the employees, who behind the scenes on a day to day basis are working to make sure the homeowners and businesses are receiving the quality of services we take pride in providing to them. A year ago, I was given a heartfelt handwritten note from our beloved Chief Administrator Edward Bass (I do carry his handwritten note in my wallet) and the advice he wrote was to appreciate and value all the Employees “take care of the employees” and “take care of the City.” A city he lived, worked and loved.

So today, as you have already taken the Oath of Office, remember to uphold the principles and serve in the best interest of the community. We all love Apopka, Together we continue to build upon Apopka’s foundation & history.

Once again, on behalf of the city residents, the city staff & employees, Congratulations to Commissioners Nick Nesta & Nadia Anderson and to their families, who are here celebrating this moment. Be proud and supportive of our Commissioners. There is sacrifice of “self” when you serve in Public Service, the reward is when families and communities gain greater benefits because of your dedicated public service."

The Council begins its new term on Wednesday with its first meeting of May, which begins at 1:30 at the City Hall chambers. The meeting can also be seen on the City's You Tube station.

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  • MamaMia

    I watched the oath of office on the video. I hope for a restart button, and a much needed breath of fresh air, as to how the council has been going, in the past, with too much of a toxic, hostile nature. Congratulations, and maybe, just maybe, things will improve, as to the council's interactions. "While I breathe, I hope"....(the slogan on SC auto tags, lol)

    Tuesday, April 30 Report this