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Midcentury modern design in 10 essential pieces

Singulart used historical information and context from museums, experienced furniture resellers, and designers to compile a list of 10 pieces that embody midcentury modern design.
Holiday ideas
5 Simple Holiday Hosting Hacks
(Family Features) Make this season's holiday hosting effortless and enjoyable with these tips and this delicious holiday-themed recipe for Iced Gingerbread Caramel Coffee that is sure to become a favorite.
Score Big with This Year’s Top Stocking Stuffers
Score Big with This Year’s Top Stocking Stuffers
(NewsUSA) - The holidays are right around the corner, and it’s time to think about stuffing those stockings. Check out this guide for details on this years can’t miss gifts from Spin …
Quick and easy spruce-ups that will elevate your home for holiday guests
(BPT) - ‘Tis the season for ugly sweater parties, merry mocktail gatherings and holiday cookie exchanges. While many enjoy playing hostess with the mostest, holiday entertaining can come with …
For happier holidays and a safer new year, be extra careful on the roads.
Unexpected Driving Hazards: Don’t Get Caught Off-Guard
(NAPSI)—The holiday season, with its festive spirit, family gatherings, and vacation plans, can also include some unexpected driving challenges—but you can still navigate them safely.   How …
4 self-care secrets for a joyful holiday season
(BPT) - The holidays can be a happy yet hectic time. Between planning, cooking and hosting celebrations, your focus often shifts to the joy of others. As you check your list twice to make sure …
Sweet and Savory Ways to Shake Up Holiday Celebrations
(Family Features) As a versatile nut that can be used throughout the holidays, pecans have you covered so you can cook and enjoy a myriad of dishes.
Festive Peppermint Snacks with a Flavorful Pop
(Family Features) Among the many enchanting elements of the holiday season, the family traditions and familiar flavors of favorite foods enjoyed year after year bring loved ones together better than perhaps any other occasion.
How Christmas is celebrated around the world
Stacker dove into some of the ways people celebrate Christmas across the globe. Read on to learn more and gain inspiration for new family traditions.
20 celebrations this holiday season besides Christmas
Stacker compiled a list of fall and winter holidays celebrated all over the world, including religious festivals, ceremonies honoring the change of seasons, and secular events.
Tips to Make Holiday Giving Stress-Free
(BPT) - It’s the most wonderful time of the year. This means good cheer, festive gatherings, and a fair amount of stress. But there are ways to shop, prepare and get great gifts with ease. …
How to Choose A Reliable Travel Agency: Top Steps
In thisarticle, we will discuss the top steps to help you select a reliable travel agency that will ensure a smooth and unforgettable travel experience. So, let's get started!
Managing High Blood Pressure: 4 Things Seniors Must Do
High blood pressure, or hypertension, is common among seniors as the vascular system changes with age. The arteries stiffen up, resulting in the blood pressure going up, leading to serious health problems. Here's what you can do.
Having Regular Health Checkups Has Great Benefits
To live your best life, it is smart to seek regular appointments with your health specialist. Here are all of the reasons why.
Warning Signs that you Need More Self-Care
Do you feel as though you need to make a positive change but don’t quite know how to go about it? Take a look below to see some of the top warning signs that show you need to put yourself first.
How Does Effective Recycling Help Our Communities?
When the recycling of waste is done effectively, it can benefit both the environment and your local community. Here are just some of the ways in which recycling can help our communities.
Live your life with style

How hospital employment has changed in 20 major metros

Medical Technology Schools used Bureau of Labor Statistics data to see how employment at hospitals has changed among 20 major U.S. metros.

These are the people most likely to be burdened by medical debt in the US

Care Better analyzed data from the Kaiser Family Foundation to visualize which groups of Americans are most likely to hold medical debt.

The science of procrastination and how to beat it

Wysa researched the psychology behind procrastination, what makes people do it, and how they can work to overcome it.

Unique baby names from the year you were born

Stacker highlighted one of the least-used baby names from each year between 1950 and 2022, using data from the Social Security Administration.

The promise of Suboxone depends on erasing stigma in opioid use disorder treatment

Ophelia analyzed data and studies from the National Institutes of Health to break down the stigmatization of medication-assisted treatment.

Health care inflation remains low as other services continue to spike
Vivian Health used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to examine year-over-year inflation for health care services compared to other services.
10 of the most downloaded mobile games of all time
Gamesville has compiled the 10 most downloaded games for Android devices using data from AppBrain.
The midcentury architecture of the Space Age in 5 essential Googie buildings
Living Spaces found five iconic Googie buildings using a variety of architectural, design, news, and travel sources.
The most unique baby name in your state last year
Stacker found unique baby names from 2022 in the Social Security Administration's baby names database and highlighted one from each state.
More Lifestyle coverage

Pregnant & Protected: The Importance of COVID-19 Vaccination for Those Who Are Pregnant

(BPT) - COVID-19 is still here this fall and presents a higher risk of severe illness and complications that can affect you and your developing baby. Severe illness can result in admission to an …

Where to find women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ owned businesses to support this holiday season

Flowcode compiled a list of five resources to help discover women-, BIPOC-, and LGBTQ+-owned businesses this holiday season.

The bestselling video game consoles of all time—and dramas behind them

Video game consoles are at the heart of the industry, but which has the all-time best sales? Casino Bonus CA analyzed VGChartz to find out.

How adolescent substance use treatment has changed over the past 70 years

Sandstone Care explored SAMHSA data and other research to look at the evolution and availability of adolescent substance use disorder treatment.

5 popular retirement activities—and the best cities for each

CheapInsurance.com identified five popular retirement activities and cities with the greatest public access, citing Trust for Public Land data.

Most overachieving NBA regular season teams since 1996-97

The Game Day compiled a ranking of the most overachieving NBA regular season teams since 1996-97 using data from Basketball Reference.  

For happier holidays, determine how to keep your kids amused while school is out.

Pointers For Parents on Handling Screen Time

(NAPSI)—The holiday season conjures images and feelings of warmth, comfort, and joy. In many families with children, however, parents worry about the amount of time their kids will spend online …

Donate to Toys for Tots on Giving TOYSday

(NewsUSA) - The 2023 Marine Toys for Tots campaign season is well underway as Marines and volunteers work tirelessly with local businesses, media, and community leaders to provide holiday hope and …

Make a Difference for Children this Holiday Season

(Family Features) With crises and emergencies all over the world, you can make a difference with gifts that give back while showing your loved ones just how much you care.

For many people, the gifts, gatherings, eating and drinking at this time of year take a toll on their mental health.  Mental health experts share some things you can do to help avoid holiday-related challenges.
Happy(er) Holidays: How to Keep Your Mental Health in Check This Year
(NAPSI)—While the joy and busyness of the holiday season can take a toll on some people’s mental health, that doesn’t have to be. There are ways to avoid holiday-related challenges.   …
Shop small, shop smart: How to gift something that means something
(BPT) - By Sarah Acton, Chief Marketing Officer at BILLOne of the best holiday gifts I have been given was a pair of earrings from a small women-owned shop near my home in Palo Alto, California. My …
How to support small businesses this holiday season
To help people shop small more intentionally, Next Insurance compiled simple tips you can take to support small businesses this holiday season.
Rosa Parks' historic protest wouldn't have been possible without this unsung hero
Sarah Mae Flemming's legal case provided the foundation to end segregation on buses. Stacker explored her contribution to the Civil Rights Movement.
20 photos of reproductive rights protests from the age of Roe up until now
Stacker put together a slideshow of 20 photos highlighting reproductive rights demonstrations from 1970 through today.

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