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A wake-up call in the fight against hunger
While other metrics show Florida is getting “back to normal” from a business standpoint, statistics on hunger are grim.
Playing hardball with the Golf Group makes sense for Apopka and Rock Springs Ridge
It's time for Code Enforcement, the Apopka City Council, and the RSR Homeowners Association to push back on the Golf Group with the authority and leverage it possesses.
Downtown Deland
The transformation of Deland: Part Two
"We broke up into three teams to better discuss the tactics Deland employed. We discussed who could be responsible for similar improvements. We learned Deland was intentional about collaboration."
Downtown Deland
The transformation of Deland: Part One
"I could never have imagined what Deland looked like today after beginning its revitalization in 1985." Orange County Commissioner Christine Moore's two-part series on the transformation of Deland.
The Northwest Recreation Complex
Infrastructure and a lack of staffing are at the core of numerous problems in Apopka
Olsen: "They're saying we're going to be adding 500,000 people. How many of those are coming to Apopka? What's our 2025 plan, or 2026 plan, or 2050 plan? We need to be thinking in advance."
Bob Graham, on his first workday after being elected governor, handles sod for a Tallahassee road project, working eight hours in a light rain.
The environmental education of Bob Graham offers lessons for Florida today
The environment wasn’t even an issue that Graham ran on, not at first.  In seeking election as governor in 1978, he focused on education and crime. But then, well into his first term, a national magazine slammed him on his environmental record.
Former Gov. Bob Graham speaks to the media about his daughter, Democratic Florida gubernatorial candidate Gwen Graham, at her primary election night party held on August 28, 2018, in Orlando.
Bob Graham was a real public servant, a species nearly extinct in Florida
Bob Graham — two-term governor, three-term U.S. senator — was always thinking about Florida, how to preserve Florida’s waters and save the Everglades, how to improve K-12 education, how to promote civic engagement, how to alleviate poverty.
Apopka City Hall Council Chamber
Nelson and Nesta clash during Apopka City Council meeting on forensic audit
A forensic audit of a City's finances focuses on examining the financial records, transactions, and processes of municipal government entities such as departments, agencies, or public funds. Opinion by The Apopka Voice Managing Editor Reggie Connell.
Becker leaves Apopka a better place than he found it
Becker was a generational leader. People with his skill set usually skip municipal politics and aim for a fast track to a CEO role in a Fortune 500 company or a higher office. 
Labor Department cites Florida contractor for lack of heat prevention after heat stroke claims 26-year-old worker's life
As average temperatures rise across the U.S., heat illness is a growing safety and health concern for workers indoors and outdoors. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that environmental heat exposure claimed the lives of 36 workers in 2021 and 56 in 2020.