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Natural Gas: The power of consumer choice
Every day, you make choices. You choose where you work and what to eat for dinner. You choose your elected officials and where to raise your children. Even right now, …
City Commissioners: There is still work to do on this budget
You have an opportunity to shift funding in the FY 2022/23 budget to cover three areas that I hope you agree are priorities for Apopka's safety, equity, well-being, and future progress.
Becker's return to Apopka City Council will change its dynamic and the issues it addresses
Apopka City Commissioner-Elect Kyle Becker has been on quite the emotional rollercoaster ride these past few months.
The legacy of Billie Dean should be off limits to politicians
When campaigning crosses the threshold of respect and becomes disrespectful, ALL CITIZENS should be concerned.
Conduct unbecoming a candidate: Johnson crosses a line and the race for Seat #3 gets ugly
In the Apopka City Commission Seat #3 special election, the tension apparently smoldered for two days after the debate until it escalated into a five-alarm fire.
Are Apopka's reserve funds insured?
Locally, one topic of discussion has come up more than in other municipalities: are our reserves insured? In short, yes.

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A budget should be more than a bill paying exercise
Apopka, for good or bad, is treading water, and there is no reason to expect anything different anytime soon. It's budget seems etched in stone even before it's approved.
Nesta: "I am confident with our increase in revenue and staff we will be able to grow responsibly"
Overall, the budget is balanced and provides increases in salaries, and academic reimbursement for Fire and Police, along with new/additional positions across all departments and a few new fleet vehicles.
Beautification of Apopka can be a community-wide effort
Apopka is home for so many of us and deserves to be properly maintained and cared for. I encourage our citizens to get involved however they can in enhancing our great city.
No headway made on South Apopka Annexation Committee or Housing State of Emergency
Over two months have passed, but little has been done on any of those three issues, except for a stranger than fiction "secret" City Commission on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
As Apopka grieves, our prayers remain with the family of Austin Duran
We regret any emotional distress the timing of the original article may have caused Apopka residents, its firefighters, or Austin's family and friends.
Dumey: "Build a better city by having faith in the commitment of our elected city commissioners and mayor"
I read with interest the article “For Apopka to transition from small town to modern city, it needs to upgrade” published on July 5, 2022, and wish to respond with the “other angle of the story”. 
Klepper: "We must strive to eliminate any and all unnecessary risks posed to our members"
The Apopka Firefighters Union President Alex Klepper released the following statement about the June 30th  accident to Firefighter/EMT Austin Duran at Fire Station #1.
For Apopka to transition from small town to modern city, it needs to upgrade
Apopka is a booming city with over 55,000 residents and consistent growth. It can no longer call itself a small town. But is Apopka ready to do the things necessary to become a modern city?
Committees, workshops and commissions are great, but action is better
Call it growing pains, or a need to manage its growth, but there are issues that could thwart Apopka's success if not dealt with soon.
A 21% increase in tax base is the perfect time to move Apopka forward
The City Council has a modest windfall of $3.7 million to put in the direction of the FY22-23 budget. That is cause for celebration, and thanks Mayor Nelson for announcing it well ahead of the budget workshops.
During a difficult period, Wheatley Elementary gives the community a reason to smile
There are few greater sounds than that of children's laughter. It is a kind of gift that signifies trust, joy, and the type of detachment from the troubles of the world that allows children to simply play without fear or worries.
2.5 hours and 25,000 words later, Apopka City Council still treading water
It's been five days since the Apopka City Council took on public comments. That should be enough time to take a breath, separate the emotion from the details and fully digest Ordinance 2931 and Resolution 2016-16.
Public Comments Ordinance: Decorum? Or will democracy die on our watch?
I am not one to sound alarms pointlessly, so you can trust me when I tell you that it is time to pay close attention to the business that is taking place in the Council Chambers at Apopka City Hall
In honor of Shireen Abu Akleh and the 17 journalists in 2022 who lost their lives covering the news
In just the first five months of 2022, 17 journalists have died, including seven in Ukraine since the Russian invasion. Since 1992, 1,443 have been killed.
Becker did more than collect data for the Apopka City Council
It's human nature to assess people based on a prominent characteristic, label them, and put them in an easy-to-sort box. It's called pigeon-holing, and it usually is a far cry from an accurate description of a person.