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2.5 hours and 25,000 words later, Apopka City Council still treading water
It's been five days since the Apopka City Council took on public comments. That should be enough time to take a breath, separate the emotion from the details and fully digest Ordinance 2931 and Resolution 2016-16.
Public Comments Ordinance: Decorum? Or will democracy die on our watch?
I am not one to sound alarms pointlessly, so you can trust me when I tell you that it is time to pay close attention to the business that is taking place in the Council Chambers at Apopka City Hall
In honor of Shireen Abu Akleh and the 17 journalists in 2022 who lost their lives covering the news
In just the first five months of 2022, 17 journalists have died, including seven in Ukraine since the Russian invasion. Since 1992, 1,443 have been killed.
Becker did more than collect data for the Apopka City Council
It's human nature to assess people based on a prominent characteristic, label them, and put them in an easy-to-sort box. It's called pigeon-holing, and it usually is a far cry from an accurate description of a person.
Plan for new Central Florida toll road would split Split Oak Forest, a treasured park
The subject of this struggle is a sweet slice of Central Florida’s landscape known as Split Oak Forest Wildlife and Environmental Area. It’s owned by you, the Florida taxpayer.
City Council approves Florida Gopher Tortoise Day in Apopka; but will the gopher tortoises survive?
The Apopka City Council, at its April 6th meeting, passed Resolution #2022-14, which makes April 10th Florida Gopher Tortoise Day in Apopka. 

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Community First: It's time for changes on the Rock Springs Ridge HOA Board
A good community is a safe, cohesive, confident, prosperous, and happy place to reside. Rock Springs Ridge, no doubt, started out as a great community.
A connection formed through music and events rings loud and clear in Apopka
The City of Apopka has recently begun hosting a series of concerts through community event partners that feature artist categories that one would have only imagined showing up on their TV screen.
Reducing net-metering guts rooftop solar in Florida
Last week, the Florida Senate passed a bill 24-15 that has been criticized by distributed solar advocates as an attempt to gut rooftop solar in the state.
Happy Gopher Tortoise Day Apopka - now hit the road
The swap includes the 51-acre parcel on Kelly Park Road called the Gopher Tortoise Conservation Area. Except, unlike a proclamation for Gopher Tortoise Day, the 51-acres is under a conservation easement with the FWC FOREVER.
Analysis: Why Nelson won the 2022 Apopka Mayoral Election
It's been seven days since the 2022 Apopka Mayoral election concluded, but many will analyze its outcome for years to come. It was the closest election in Apopka since former Commissioner Sam Ruth defeated former Commissioner Linda Laurendeau.
Nelson vs. Becker: The Apopka Mayoral Debate - all in one place
In this three-part series, The Apopka Voice  takes a look at every aspect of this fascinating debate. Here are all three parts, and the preview of the debate - all in one place.
The Race for Mayor: 10 factors that will determine if Becker or Nelson prevail
Sometimes local elections are like snow globes. It's hard to tell what's happening once it's shaken. The only way to know is when the snow settles. 
How the Station Street Project became a battleground issue in the 2022 election
Perhaps the most important aspect in winning an election is driving the message to the issues that the campaign wants to talk about.
City, Chamber call community meeting for "potential annexation of South Apopka"
A surprising notice appeared in the Orlando Sentinel's Sunday classified section: "Legal Advertisement; City of Apopka; Public Notice of Community Meeting; One Apopka Outreach & Discovery for South Apopka..."
Opinion: The Apopka City Commission Forum was bizarre, unusual, interesting, and unique
The purpose of a political forum is to get to know the candidates running for office. It's not set up to create an adversarial atmosphere or pit one participant against another.
Opinion: Mayoral debate makes it clear where South Apopka stands
No matter the outcome of the election, the Apopka City Council is going to look different, and the opinions on this subject may change based on who wins or loses. South Apopka, however, will look very much like it has for years.
Nelson vs. Becker: The Apopka Mayoral Debate - all in one place
In this three-part series, The Apopka Voice  takes a look at every aspect of this fascinating debate. Here are all three parts, and the preview of the debate - all in one place.
Eric Mock, candidate for Apopka City Commission, responds to Apopka Professional Firefighters Association
On Wednesday, January 26, 2022, The Apopka Voice ran an article sharing endorsements for two candidates running for Apopka commission seats in the upcoming March 8th election.  
MLK parade shows why South Apopka should be a community without borders
King believed that racism in America meant we weren't living up to our own ideals. At the very core of the Declaration of Independence and at the center of American life was the belief that “all men are created equal.”
Opinion: Orange County budget more robust and better equipped to serve South Apopka
The tragedy of segregation, Jim Crow, low-paying jobs, and lack of opportunity demands the best answer possible for South Apopka. Residents deserve equitable government services and equal opportunities.