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Kennett Square, PA
What makes a city lovable?
Do we love our cities and communities? Orange County Commissioner Christine Moore continues her series with this installment.
Florida fails to ask for federal funds to help poor people buy solar panels
You may have heard that Florida calls itself “The Sunshine State.” Yet Florida is also one of just six states that failed to apply for funds from the federal government’s $7 billion “Solar for All” pot.
The value of a vision and plan for corridor improvements
Moore: "I hope you follow me on Facebook to see which team wins the Corridor of the Year Contest.  No matter who wins, the amount of work done makes every corridor a winner!"
The Riverwalk District of Wilmington, DE
City Districts and Corridors: An opportunity to create a great first and lasting impression
Corridors are well-located, high-traffic-count business sites. They generate sales and property taxes and create jobs and incomes for families. They are also the connective tissue between neighborhoods and city centers.
Apopka City Hall
The four interviews I didn't get...
I had a lot of questions for Mayor Nelson, Commissioner Smith, Mr. Vavrek, and Chief Wylam that the community is already asking... and they shouldn't go unanswered.
Apopka City Hall Council Chamber
Olsen: "Communication and transparency is vital between administration and city commissioners"
Effective governance necessitates two-way communication. To align commissioners and ensure cohesive leadership, timely and transparent communication is imperative.

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US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN
The benefit of stadiums and sports teams as economic catalysts
I gained a greater appreciation for the value of sports while visiting Minneapolis.  Now please excuse me, I’m off to take my two granddaughters to an Apopka Blue Darter Football game.
Ending Gun Violence: Reinforcing structural integrity by eliminating the last resort
How do we prevent this from happening again? How do we reinforce the structural integrity of this generation where the last resort is eliminated and is no longer a thought or option?
The power and urgency of WE
Partisanship polarization rears its destructive head when people – especially politicians – see leadership as a football game.
A Florida black bear tries to break into a trash can.
As Florida county grapples with bear encounters, one lawmaker calls for a bear hunt
The 2015 state-sponsored bear hunt created so much bad publicity for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission that it has not held another one
Minneapolis, MN
Minneapolis: The Land of 10,000 ideas
It was clear the area had structures in place for building collaboration, securing state and federal dollars, and growing their local economy. We would do well to emulate many of these best practices.
Minneapolis, MN
Does Apopka need a downtown masterplan?
I recently had the opportunity to visit my birthplace, Minneapolis, MN with an economic development team from Orange County. This column is the first of a series sharing best practices.
Rock Springs Ridge
Rock Springs Ridge HOA announces contract with The Golf Group to swap gopher tortoise lands for golf course lands; but questions remain
It's been three years since the RSR HOA Board set its sights on reclaiming the RSR Golf Course lands for its community. But no matter what the bottom line is, there are always questions left unanswered.
Apopka City Hall.
An open letter to the Apopka City Council: Whatever happened to proaction?
Hello, City Council. It's been a while since we talked. How have you been? A lot has happened, but unfortunately, a lot has not happened as well.
South Apopka
Olmstead to Apopka City Council: "You cannot afford to be known as the one that allowed this to continue by not annexing South Apopka"
Council, YOUR administration cannot afford to be known as the one that allowed this to continue by not annexing South Apopka CDA in the City of Apopka. 
Apopka City Hall
The ethics of online comments, and letters to the editor
While social media, online comments, and letters to the editor serve as a platform for individuals to voice their opinions, they also raise concerns about the potential for misinformation and character assassination.