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Florida Law Prevents Parents Suing After OB-GYN Malpractice

 Florida's state-sponsored Birth-Related Neurological Injury Compensation Association (NICA) prevents parents from filing lawsuits against healthcare providers when their …
Investing in yourself is worth it! Local expert gives tips on planning for orthodontic work
As with any large purchase or investment, it is a good idea to do some homework before you commit. Getting orthodontic work is a worthwhile investment and no different in the need for pre-planning.
The Best Part of Lake Apopka Natural Gas District? YOU!
If you know anything about LANGD’s residential and commercial customers, it is that they will never turn down an opportunity to make a difference.
Apopka gardeners can celebrate January with Chickasaw Plum
For the green thumbs and garden-dreamers alike, every month we'll highlight a UF / IFAS feature plant that deserves a spotlight in Florida-friendly gardening.

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Bees, bats, and first-time homebuyers are back! UF/IFAS January classes start this week
UF / IFAS Extension has their January selections ready to help you make a positive start to 2021. Classes range from beekeeping to diabetes prevention, and so much more.
Herbs and spices explained: ‘Use-by’ dates, how to extend shelf life, and more to boost your holiday feasts
Think of the herbs and spices that make your favorite holiday dish and baked goods, and use these tips to make them shine when it's their time!
Spread holiday cheer through gifts that give back
The holiday season is a time to spread cheer, spend time with loved ones and give back to those in need in both small and big ways. Here are some ideas for great gifts that also give back.
How to Keep Your Child Active: 6 Pro Tips
Physical activity is essential for kids in their growing years. It allows them to remain healthy while also developing essential life skills.
Why do frozen turkeys explode when deep-fried?
Every fall, millions of dollars of damage, trips to the ER and even deaths result from attempts to deep-fry turkeys.
How my family makes holiday decisions that work for everyone, according to a negotiation expert
With another holiday season upon us, one that may look a little different from last year’s for some, here’s how to negotiate with loved ones for an enjoyable holiday season.
Monitor or talk? 5 ways parents can help keep their children safe online
Here are five tips on how parents can encourage their children to adopt safer online behavior beyond using spyware or computer surveillance.
Four Ways to “Deflate” Your Budget
While we wait to see what happens next with inflation, you still have options to protect your finances. Here are four key tips to get you through it.
How getting kids to make grocery lists and set the table can improve their vocabulary and willingness to learn
Reading, writing and math are often thought of as subjects that children learn in school. I have found that children can also learn those skills through everyday tasks and chores.
45th Annual Christmas Bazaar this Saturday, hosted by the First United Methodist Church of Apopka Ladies
Just in time for Christmas shopping, creative handmade items will be sold at the annual Christmas Bazaar in Apopka.
Master Your Holiday Recipes with Natural Gas Cooking
The holidays are a time to enjoy togetherness with the people you love most by sharing love, joy, and of course ... good food. Whether it’s a delicious Thanksgiving turkey or your …
Lake Apopka Natural Gas District honored with national innovation award
AT&T and Government Technology Magazine honored LANGD as a national award winner for creating the first-ever customer assistance fund. 
Do your part to save water: Reset your sprinkler system to fall back to once-a-week
Starting Sunday, Nov. 7, homeowners and businesses across the 18 counties of the SJRWMD should reset their automatic sprinkler systems to water no more than once a week.
Apopka gardeners can celebrate November's Plant of the Month: Roselle
Looking for something a little different for your Florida garden? Our Plant of the Month series gives you everything you need to know about Roselle in November.
If I Were a Gardener, How Would I Protect my Plants in Winter?
If you live in Zone 1, Zone 2, or Zone 3 of the U.S., then you must protect your plants carefully, because they are likely to not survive the colder winter weather.