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In Orange County Public Schools, over 1,400 students are absent and unaccounted for

From Staff Reports The Orange County Public Schools (OCPS) is the ninth-largest district in the United States and the fourth largest in Florida. It serves more than 206,000 students at 202 schools. …
State cannot enforce its mandate against school mask mandates
Judge Cooper’s ruling follows an Aug. 24-27 trial stemming from a May lawsuit filed by parents from seven counties alleging Governor DeSantis’ order unconstitutionally bars school boards from …
Could your students use $2,000 for hands-on learning? SJRWMD’s Blue School Grant Program Sept. deadline
Grants may be awarded in three areas: freshwater resources field study, water conserving landscape projects or water conservation community/school awareness campaigns From St. Johns River Water …
Second Harvest Food Bank calls Central Floridians to action: Sign petition; urge Florida to take $820M federal assistance to feed children in need
2 million low income children at risk of food insecurity as Florida is poised to pass up millions in federal food assistance From Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida The state of …

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Unmasking the 'invisible injury': Knowing concussion signs saves lives
After a fall or hit to the head, even if you're not sure a concussion happened, youth athletes should not return to their game until they've been evaluated by a medical professional From …
Studies show an association between school backpack use and back pain among children; prevention tips
One published literature review concluded that a student's backpack should have a maximum weight of no more than 10-15% of the student's body weight From AdventHealth Our children's safety …
How parents can help kids deal with back-to-school anxiety
Here are steps parents can take to help reduce their kids’ back-to-school anxiety and encourage a better start to the fall term.
I Know Nothing
Faith & Inspiration By Rodney McFadden, Senior Religion Teacher at Forest Lake Academy The rain beat against the window in the dark hospital room. My wife, hours before, had just delivered little …
Orange Co. reports COVID positivity rate tripled past 3 weeks; Mayor Demings strongly recommends mask wearing indoors
Emergency rental assistance is still available to residents who are behind in rent due to the pandemic. Eligible residents may receive help to pay 12 months of past due rent and 1 month of future …
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