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How much do you love?

The question might well be asked, “Okay Charles, how much do you love Nancy?”  And seeing as you asked, let me tell you of a recent incident that happened about two weeks ago at the nursing home.
As an ally, as a leader: The modern civil rights legacy
Dr. King once said, “Everyone can be great, because anybody can serve.” From homelessness to healthcare access, there’s no shortage of challenges facing Central Florida – but there’s also no shortage of ways you can make a difference.  
MLK parade shows why South Apopka should be a community without borders
King believed that racism in America meant we weren't living up to our own ideals. At the very core of the Declaration of Independence and at the center of American life was the belief that “all men are created equal.”
South Apopka parade honors the legacy of MLK, and pays tribute to a local icon
Tradition, legacy, and honor will lead the way Monday afternoon in South Apopka when the 13th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. parade commences at 2 pm.

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Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.: 5 things I’ve learned curating the MLK Collection at Morehouse College
Few archives of historical papers compare with the importance of the Morehouse King Collection. Aside from King’s life, the collection chronicles many of the major events that occurred during the civil rights movement.
When it comes to believing in ourselves, most people are agnostics
Believing that you can do something is one thing, but doing it is quite another. While self-doubt seems much more common than self-confidence these days, take heart! There is a way...
MLK’s vision matters today for the 43 million Americans living in poverty
King was convinced that for the civil rights movement to achieve its goals, poverty needed to become a central focus of the movement. He believed the poor could lead a movement that would revolutionize society and end poverty.
What is your perspective?
When you were a child life seemed to crawl along sooo slowly, but as time passes it seems to accelerate!  Does time actually accelerate?  Or is this another example of perspective?
Looking for adventure in the New Year? Try this treasure in Apopka's backyard...
Travel back with me to another time, back to where you can gaze upon the wilderness as it appeared, little changed, for the last thousand years. Outdoorsy type or not this is a must …
How putting purpose into your New Year’s resolutions can bring meaning and results
Based on our research, this article shares what leads to failures and proposes a potential solution to the problem of New Year’s resolutions that people can’t keep.
Sell me to the gypsies, please!
I remember it well, those days of yesteryear, before television, cell phones, and the internet.  Yeah, even before electricity when we lit our home with kerosene lamps.
The history of Christmas
The middle of winter has long been a time of celebration around the world. Centuries before the arrival of Jesus, early Europeans celebrated light and birth in the darkest days of winter.
The Christmas truce football match – a picture of a Greek kickabout is misappropriated yearly
The Christmas truce took place on December 25th, 1914. At certain points along the line in France and Flanders, British and German soldiers met between their trenches, shaking hands, sharing stories, and posing for photographs.
What does Kwanzaa mean for Black Americans?
The name Kwanzaa is derived from the phrase “matunda ya kwanza” which means “first fruits” in Swahili, the most widely spoken African language. However, Kwanzaa, the holiday, did not exist in Africa.
Presents from a princess
Elisabeth Basford’s recent biography of Mary (the first for a century) has cast new light on this reticent, shy but dedicated young woman. Basford rebranded her as the “first modern princess”.
The humble origins of ‘Silent Night’
Translated into at least 300 languages, and arranged in dozens of different musical styles, from heavy metal to gospel, “Silent Night” has become a perennial part of the Christmas soundscape.
For Dr. Alma, outreach and service to community are in her DNA
Dr. Alma partnered with Dr. Andre Baptiste this year to launch the Dentistry for Kids in Apopka, and with Shepherd's Hope to help the underserved. Here's how it all happened.
What do you take for granted?
Here I sit at my desk doing my little two-finger dance on my computer. I might be slow, but, eventually, the words spill and splash, and soon I have a document that, perhaps, will give you pause.
Apopka loses a giant: Shirley Sharpe-Terrell dies at 74
“God gave me a vision. He told me to speak with Mayor (John) Land and ask if it would be okay to pray for him and the City of Apopka.” That’s how Shirley Sharpe-Terrell remembered the inspiration to start a prayer breakfast in Apopka.