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Think About Cutting Down On Waste Within Your Business
If you are not sure how you can cut down on waste within your business, take a look at the article below for some inspiration. 
How to Start a Beautiful Garden in Florida
If you're lucky enough to live in Florida, you know that the state is home to some of the most beautiful gardens in the country.
Can Businesses Help Save the Planet?
Can business owners use their power to improve the world and save the planet? Absolutely, and here are some of the steps that are worth exploring if you are in this position. 
5 Ways You Can Save the Earth
Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or not, here are some simple tips that will help you save the earth.
Fox Valley announces Grand Re-Opening
In 2017, the Fox family began looking for a piece of land that would provide space for them to live out their dreams of living on their own sustainable farm.
Sustainability ideas

How an energy storage system can help you weather power outages and save on utility bills

Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. var bptVideoPlayer = document.getElementById("bptVideoPlayer"); if (bptVideoPlayer) { var cssText = "width: 100%;"; cssText += " …

It starts at the top: The C-suite must go green to set the stage for corporate ESG

(BPT) - By Brendan P. Keegan, Chairman, CEO & President of Merchants FleetThe biggest acronym in boardrooms across the U.S. today is ESG — Environmental Social Governance. ESG is a …

Natural Food Storage Containers Can Help Save Money

(TVA) - As food costs continue to rise, many people are seeking creative solutions to stretch their dollars and reduce wasted food. Buying and cooking food in bulk helps save money, as well as …

Be a sustainability superhero with these responsible traveling tips

(BPT) - As people explore the world, they have much to gain, but sometimes whether they realize it or not, their travel can have a negative impact on the places they visit. The need for sustainable …

8 Tips to Rethink Clean at Home and On the Go

(Family Features) If people have learned anything from the COVID-19 pandemic, it's just because something looks clean doesn't mean it actually is. Consider these tips to help ensure you feel at ease both at home and in public spaces.

What hurricane season was like the year you were born

Using data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Stacker summarized the last 100 hurricane seasons in the Atlantic Basin. Read on to learn which years and storms broke records over the last century.

Metros with the most energy-efficient buildings

OhmConnect used the Environmental Protection's Agency's 2022 rankings to identify the metropolitan areas with the greatest number of Energy Star-certified buildings.

These animal climate heroes restore habitats and revive ecosystems

Stacker compiled a list of 10 animals from diverse environments, outlining how each helps sustain its ecosystem.

Top 5 ways to reduce your home energy costs this fall

(BPT) - As temperatures begin dropping this fall, you may be worrying about rising energy costs. Fortunately, there are a number of simple, proactive steps you can take that will save on energy and …
Sanitation solutions for tiny houses and other nontraditional homes
(BPT) - Since the real estate market started heating up and as the pandemic lingers, alternative housing options are seriously trending. Remote work has opened possibilities for living almost …
Spouting off tips to avoid water waste
(BPT) - Drought conditions persist in the Western United States, leading lawmakers to enact measures designed to reduce water consumption by residents. Homeowners are now having to make significant …
One-third of food produced in the US goes to waste—here's how that impacts the environment
OhmConnect cited data from the November 2021 EPA publication From Farm to Kitchen: The Environmental Impacts of U.S. Food Waste to look at the environmental impact of the wasted food, as well as the resources wasted in the lost food's production.
Get Smart About Sustainability: Tips for teaching kids earth-friendly habits
(Family Features) For many parents, their interest in sustainability and earth-friendly living is driven by a desire to create a better world for their children. Here are some ideas for promoting sustainable behaviors this school year.
How smart technology is impacting sustainability
IoT Secure collected interesting facts and statistics about the impact of smart technology on sustainability efforts from industry experts and news reports.   
The surprisingly powerful cleaning tool that the pros rely on
(BPT) - Do you feel like you're constantly cleaning and it's never enough to stay on top of all the dirt, grime and germs? Do you wonder how professional cleaners get everything so sparkling and …
Can I recycle this? Prevent wishcycling by knowing what is and isn't recyclable
(BPT) - You make recycling possible. Without consumer participation, recycling programs can’t function. If you already recycle, you’re playing a critical role in reducing waste in your …
5 things driving interest in EVs
(BPT) - If you think you’ve been seeing more plug-in cars on the road or hybrid vehicles in the carpool lane lately, you are not imagining it. A recent Deloitte report found that high fuel …
Duck, Duck, Goose! Restored Wetlands Thriving
(NewsUSA) - As the sun rises in middle America, nature comes to life. Ducks, geese and other birds emerge from a marsh, taking flight into a golden sky, while prairie grasses whisper in the …
3 green cleaning product trends with a powerful impact on the planet
(BPT) - You want to change how you clean to be more green, but there is an overwhelming amount of products that claim to be better for the environment. Separating hype from reality can be confusing, …
How nature can help you dress more sustainably
(BPT) - The fashion industry is one of the biggest on the planet, driving culture, commerce and celebrity. Even if you dislike “fashion,” you likely still have a closet with clothes made …
A summer picnic guide to being safe and sustainable
(BPT) - It’s summertime and that is the perfect time to gather family and friends for a picnic. An important aspect to consider when planning your summer picnic is environmental impact. An easy …
Own a swimming pool? 5 tips to help you conserve water
(BPT) - With record-high temperatures and droughts occurring nationwide, you may be experiencing water use restrictions where you live. But even if you’re not, it's natural to be concerned …
Electric fireplaces spark simple home improvement solutions
(BPT) - Are you looking for ways to enhance your home and boost its value? The best kinds of home improvement projects provide wow-worthy results without much effort. With modern designs and numerous …
Looking to save? 7 ways to trim your budget
(BPT) - Paid Content by Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. Saving money is a popular year-round topic, and it’s only become more relevant with the rising cost of living. According to recent …
9 Easy Ways to Get Outside and Get Active
Thom Carroll, courtesy RTC(BPT) - This summer, outdoor adventures are closer to home than you might think. Across the country, there are more than 5,000 multiuse trails nationwide — many of …
Simple, eco-friendly changes matter, all the way down to the toilet seat
(BPT) - From organic bedding to reusable produce bags, there is no shortage of useful, sustainable products made in the United States. You may strive to use these products every day so you can feel …
Trust and community support are two reasons why Americans are shopping family-owned and local
(BPT) - When you go shopping for a good or service you need, you have a choice. You can shop family-owned and -operated or you can shop franchises and corporations. People are realizing where they …
Proper tire maintenance can help you stay safe, manage inflation and care for Mother Earth
(BPT) - When you think about the safety features on your car, seatbelts and airbags likely come to mind. While most people understand the lifesaving value of these devices, many are unaware of …
An eco-friendly personal care routine is easier than you think
(BPT) - You want the best for yourself and the world around you. That's why you're starting to consider simple steps you can take in your personal care routine for a better you and a better Earth. …
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20 influential Indigenous Americans you might not know about

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How creatives are helping to reshape their cities

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Rates of women voter registrations are surging—particularly where reproductive rights are threatened

Stacker analyzed TargetSmart data to see how women's voter registrations have changed since the Dobbs decision. State rankings for legislation affecting abortion access are from the Guttmacher Institute.