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New AdventHealth clinic is diagnosing, treating, and researching long-haul COVID  
AdventHealth has opened a multidisciplinary clinic to diagnose, treat and research Long-haul COVID, a critical next step in the healthcare system’s pandemic response.
Flu season: High levels of flu viruses detected in Florida
While new mutations of COVID-19 continue to circulate across the nation, seasonal flu activity also has been high in Florida, federal health officials have warned.
In a matter of days, eligible people will be lining up to receive the newly formulated booster shot.
Will omicron-specific booster shots be more effective at combating COVID-19? 5 questions answered
The new booster shots – one by Moderna and another from Pfizer-BioNTech – come as more than 450 people are still dying of COVID-19 every day in the U.S.
Novel coronavirus SARS CoV2, which causes COVID-19. Meanwhile, new COVID mutations called variants have spread across the U.S., including the newer Omicron variant.
Despite a slowdown of COVID-19 cases, Florida has reached the 7 million mark
Federal data on COVID-19 show 6,998,561 Florida cases, reaching a 7 million mark that only two other states have reached in the United States.
The Community Health Center in Apopka is located at 225 East 7th Street.
Community Health Centers offers free COVID-19 vaccines for children
Community Health Centers is currently offering COVID-19 vaccines for children ages six months to five years in Apopka, and Orange County.
Clinical studies show that mixing and matching booster vaccines can lead to a more robust immune response.
Should you get a COVID-19 booster shot now or wait until fall? Two immunologists help weigh the options
While COVID-19 vaccines continue to be highly effective at preventing hospitalization and death, it has become clear that the protection offered by the current vaccines wanes over time.

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Millions of U.S. children between the ages of 6 months and 4 years will soon be eligible for COVID-19 shots.
At last, COVID-19 shots for little kids – 5 essential reads
The following collection of articles from The Conversation’s archives traces the winding path of the development of COVID-19 vaccines for the youngest children.
Sampling wastewater can be time-intensive.
Wastewater monitoring took off during the COVID-19 pandemic – and here’s how it could help head off future outbreaks
Wastewater surveillance takes advantage of the fact that many human pathogens and products of human drug metabolism end up in urine, feces, or both.
COVID causing more type 1 diabetes in kids, with days revolving around blood sugar levels
Hundreds of thousands of Americans have died, while the millions who survived, now faced with disability, are left to grapple with the harsh realities of long COVID-19.
CDC study: Heart problems more likely to occur after COVID infections rather than vaccines
Heart complications have been increasingly connected to people who have contracted COVID-19, but other heart problems have been tied to the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines. Here's the difference.
BA.2, one of three main omicron sublineages, is sweeping the world.
What is the new COVID-19 variant BA.2, and will it cause another wave of infections in the US?
BA.2 is the latest subvariant of omicron, the dominant strain of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. While the origin of BA.2 is still unclear, it has quickly become the dominant strain in many countries, including India, Denmark and South Africa.
Dr. Raul Pino, Director of the Florida Department of Health in Orange County.
Dr. Raul Pino, Orange County Health Director, returns from administrative leave
Dr. Raul Pino, the Director of the Florida Department of Health in Orange County, has been reinstated from administrative leave by the Florida Department of Health.
AdventHealth shares decrease of COVID hospitalizations, warns Omicron's transmissibility still high
AdventHealth shares data on COVID patient numbers, including patients receiving ICU-level care, as well as updates on masks, test, monoclonal antibody treatment and more.
Not all masks offer the same level of protection for you and those around you.
What is the best mask for COVID-19?
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has changed its guidelines about masks and respirators a number of times over the past two years and gave its most recent update on Jan. 14, 2022.
AdventHealth: COVID-19 hospitalizations decreasing
The figures represent a downturn from Omicron’s peak in Central Florida during the week of Jan. 17 of more than 1,100 inpatients with COVID-19 in the health care system’s Central Florida Division.
The percent of Florida nursing home residents receiving the extra shot jumps eight percentage points in the four weeks ending Dec. 19, 2021
Florida nursing home residents, healthcare staff are getting boosters
Florida nursing home staff with completed vaccinations (no booster) increased 10 percent since the last report, from 63 percent to 73 percent.