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Operation Best Foot Forward: Back to School promotes pedestrian safety at crosswalks as students prepare for new school year

During Operation Best Foot Forward, plainclothes officers and deputies will cross streets at marked crosswalks, giving drivers enough time to slow down and stop safely.
Unlike videos, audiobooks require greater use of the imagination.
Want to spur your child’s intellectual development? Use audiobooks instead of videos
According to research, kids demonstrate less curiosity, self-control, and emotional stability when their screen time surpasses one hour daily.
UF/IFAS Classes in August: Buzzworthy Gardens - Cultivating a Habitat for Native Pollinators
Buzzworthy Gardens: UF/IFAS classes in August includes Cultivating Habitat for Native Pollinators
UF/IFAS Extension Orange County provides education and information to residents and businesses through workshops, publications, and mass media in the areas of family life, youth development, natural resources, horticulture, and agriculture.
National parks teach students about environmental issues in this course
Visitation numbers at national parks continue to rise each year. Most of my students have been to at least one or two national parks and are exposed to their increasing presence on social media.
Legacy: Blue Darters in MaxPreps 'Top 25 Most Dominant Florida Football Programs of the last 20 years'
The Apopka Blue Darters were named to the MaxPreps Top 25 most dominant football programs in Florida - the only Central Florida team on the list.
Where the southern half of the Upland Bayfront Preserve stood, there’s now fill dirt, soon to become a soccer field and beach volleyball courts.
New College of Florida tears up nature preserve, claims it’s an improvement
The preserve was a strip of bayfront land full of century-old pines, massive oaks, thick cabbage palms, and plenty of mangroves along the shoreline. At the end of May—right after the students left campus for the summer—machines rumbled into the preserve and began knocking trees down like bowling pins.
The Florida Department of Education's Just Read, Florida! team visited W.R. Tolar K-8 School in Liberty County on Jan. 25, 2023.
Audits find financial issues with some Florida charter schools
Of the 13 charter schools identified as having at least one noncompliance finding - three had incurred expenses above their respective budgets, two failed to comply with requirements, and one had a fund balance deficit.
OCPS wants parents to register in Transportation Services portal
Orange County Public Schools is looking for help from families planning to use transportation services for the 2024-2025 school year.
A paleontologist wears a T-shirt showing Strophodus rebecae, a shark species with flat teeth that lived millions of years ago.
‘Jaws’ portrayed sharks as monsters 50 years ago, but it also inspired a generation of shark scientists
After “Jaws,” shark research quickly went mainstream. The American Elasmobranch Society was founded in 1982. Graduate students lined up to study shark behavior, and the number of published shark studies sharply increased. A paleontologist wears a T-shirt showing Strophodus rebecae , a …
The Apopka Youth Council: Making a difference in the community
During the June 19th City Council Meeting, Special Project Manager Stephen Cribb spoke about the remarkable initiatives of the Apopka Youth Council.
Take charge of your health with a trip to the Mediterranean (Diet) this summer
UF/IFAS Extension Orange County provides education and information to residents and businesses. Current classes/events are listed on our events calendar.
Florida districts are closing traditional public schools as charters, etc., lure students
School vouchers apply state funding to cover, or assist in covering, the education of students if their parents choose to send them to a nontraditional public school, including charter or home schools.
John Arthur, a teacher at Meadowlark Elementary in Salt Lake City, Utah, testified before the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, June 20, 2024. (Screenshot from committee webcast).
‘Extremely low pay’ cited at U.S. Senate hearing as prime reason for teacher shortage
For the 2023-24 school year, a whopping 86% of K-12 public schools in the country documented challenges in hiring teachers, according to an October report from the National Center for Education Statistics.
Pre- and post-pandemic data show Florida students declined in math proficiency.
Survey of children’s well-being places Florida in the bottom half of states
Four categories — economic wellbeing, education, health, and family and community — factor into the ranking, including data on teen birth rates, children living in poverty, single-parent families, and children whose parents lack secure employment. 
Worried about the summer slide? UF/IFAS experts share options to fuel young minds
There are plenty of ways to engage kids at any age during these lazy summer days, say University of Florida experts. Here are a few ideas to keep your youth engaged while fueling their minds.
Kids Count Report: Florida maintains in education, ranks 30th in child well-being
The annual report ranks states on the overall condition of children in four areas: economic well-being, education, health, and community and family. Florida's education numbers maintained last year's high marks, coming in fifth.
A wave of book bans has hit school libraries in the last few years.
Parents sue Florida Board of Education over book ban policy
Florida saw more books challenged for removal than any other state last year, according to data released by the American Library Association.