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Treat yourself this holiday season - make the switch to natural gas

The holiday season is fast approaching and with it comes all the responsibilities of buying gifts, cooking meals, planning family gatherings, decorating and more.
5 Ways Florida Landowners can Make Money on their Property this Year
It's not uncommon for people to think they need to sell their land again for a profit to make money from it. But there are many ways you can use your land to generate income without selling it.
Annexing South Apopka will take a collaborative effort and creativity beyond looking at a profit/loss statement
On Tuesday, November 29th, the Apopka City Council will host a workshop on annexing South Apopka. It's been a prominent subject since the 2022 election cycle in Apopka.
Report: Black Friday boomed online
Although in-person visits increased 2.9% from last year, analysts told Retail Dive that the long queues of yore had vanished, while Business Insider shared photos of mostly empty Walmart stores.
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Orlando Health coming to Apopka
Orlando Health will design and build the hospital in partnership with Acadia Healthcare, which manages behavioral health services at the Orlando Health South Seminole Hospital.
Black Friday: so many online returns end up in landfill – here’s what needs to happen to change that
Retailers will be desperately hoping that shoppers take advantage of discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to bump up annual sales figures.
Hell hath no fury like angry Swifties
How many people does it take to convince the federal government to turn up the heat on an accused monopoly? The surprising answer: a few million rabid Taylor Swift fans. Last …
Connected to the community we serve
Dr. Baptiste has always made it a priority of his and the company he formed to give back to the community it serves in whatever way possible.
Sorry, night owls — restaurants are closing early
A new report from restaurant data platform Datassential found that US restaurants’ weekly operating hours are down by 7.5%.
Women's soccer great coming to Apopka
Sprouts Farmers Market is pleased to announce that Brandi Chastain will be taking part in a customer appreciation event.
CareerSource Central Florida hosting Job Fair today
CareerSource Central Florida is hosting a Non-Profit & Local Government Job Fair on Wednesday, October 26th.
What is a Business Tax Receipt?
A BTR is the fee and method by which a local governing authority grants the privilege of engaging in or managing any business, profession, or occupation within a jurisdiction.
CareerSource Central Florida hosting Job Fair
This week, CareerSource Central Florida, Florida’s second largest workforce board, announced it will host a Non-Profit & Local Government Job Fair on Wednesday, October 26, which is …
What's behind the boom in construction business applications?
Stacker analyzed census data to expose trends and uncover possible reasons for the boom in record-setting construction business applications since 2021.