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Heads Up at Eggs Up delivers again

Mainstreet Apopka outlines its plan to revitalize the downtown


For the fifth consecutive month, Heads Up at Eggs Up, an event facilitated byThe Apopka Voice, has delivered so much more than breakfast fare. Built on the principle that relationship-building is more effective than simply networking, attendees actually learn more about who each person is instead of just what they do or sell. As evidence that this principle is working, over the past five months regular attendees have either gotten recommendations, were invited into collaborations or actually earned someone’s business.

During these meetings, attendees hear from business and community leaders who provide them with tools and resources to help grow their bottom lines. The June event presenter was Caitlin Kasheta, co-founder and executive director of Main Street Apopka, an organization whose mission is to revitalize downtown Apopka by fostering a thriving business district through strategic, collaborative efforts. They focus on the needs of downtown’s business sector and surrounding community members, utilizing the “Main Street Approach” to restore and energize a thriving downtown economy. Caitlin explained the Main Street America 4-point approach:

Design Create an inviting and inclusive atmosphere, celebrate historic character, foster accessible people-centered public spaces.

Promotion – Market downtown’s defining assets, communicate unique features through storytelling, support the buy-local experience.

Economic Vitality Build a diverse economic base, catalyze smart new investments, cultivate a strong entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Organization – Build leadership and strong organizational capacity, ensure broad community engagement, and forge partnerships across sectors.

To learn more about Main Street Apopka and how residents can get involved, visit www.mainstreetapopka.com.

Heads Up at Eggs Up event June 26, 2024
Heads Up at Eggs Up event June 26, 2024
Also in attendance wereThe Apopka Voice owners/publishers, Reggie and Denise Connell, who were able to attend their first “Heads Up at Eggs Up” event. They spent some time sharing the “why” and mission of The Apopka Voice.

Denise said, "I wish we had 10 reporters just to cover the stories that came out of this one hour gathering. I learned so much that I didn't know about these business owners - not just their hearts to genuinely serve Apopka and their great ideas, but fun history, too, like we were sitting with world travelers and rock band members! The backstories  and whys behind who they are and what they do in the community was just inspiring. We have impressive people here, truly dedicated to this city."  

"Heads Up at Eggs Up was a great opportunity for us to share our vision of telling the story of Apopka every day and learning more about others in the community," added Reggie. "Mark is providing an important service to the business owners who attend, and we appreciated the chance to experience it in action."

“Heads Up at Eggs Up” takes place on the fourth Wednesday each month from 8:00 to 9:00am at Eggs Up Grill, 502 S. Hunt Club Blvd. Apopka. This is an invitation-only event, so to receive your invitation please contact Mark Goldstein at 407-484-3899 or mark@theapopkavoice.com.

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