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Curious Kids

Why do people hate people?

Have you ever said “I hate you” to someone? What about using the “h-word” in casual conversation, like “I hate broccoli”? What are you really feeling when you say that you hate something or someone? Curious Kids is a series for …

How does the brain think?

Have you ever wondered how your brain creates thoughts or why something randomly popped into your head? It may seem like magic – but actually the brain is like a supercomputer inside your head that helps you think, learn and make decisions.

Why can’t we throw all our trash into a volcano and burn it up?

It’s true that lava is hot enough to burn up some of our trash. When Kilauea erupted on the Big island of Hawaii in 2018, the lava flows were hotter than 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit (1,100 Celsius). That’s hotter than the surface of the planet Venus, and hot enough to melt many rocks. …
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Dorothea Lange’s famous Migrant Mother portrait shows a mother of seven children in California in 1936.
From hidden women to influencers and individuals – putting mothers in the frame
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Kids & Family

Make the most of summer with these on-the-go snacking tips

(BPT) - Summer is a great time of year — full of new activities, outings, road trips and all kinds of adventures. As your family gears up for a season full of fun, one of the top items on your …

How to help after international disasters: Award-winning student designs explain why 'Cash is Best'

(BPT) - It can be heartbreaking to watch news of international disasters, especially when you feel powerless to help. Your immediate impulse might be to send food, water, medicine or other material …

Toys For Tots Brings Hope to Children in Foster Care

Toys For Tots Brings Hope to Children in Foster Care

(NewsUSA) - May is National Foster Care Month, and Marine Toys for Tots, America’s premier children’s Christmastime charity, continues its year-round mission of providing support to at-risk …

Home-schooled kids face unique college challenges − here are 3 ways they can be overcome

The Conversation looks at the growing trend of home-schooling and offers ways to better prepare those students for college.

Can you afford an extra semester? How tuition insurance can help

(BPT) - Given the current economic climate, social issues, and rising college tuition, completing a higher education degree has become quite difficult.While some students are still overcoming the …

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What difference does it make if you are involved in your student's school and its activities and events?

Study.com uses data from various educational sources to break down how parental participation varies across demographics, school sizes, and school types.

What's been considered America's 'gold standard' of autism therapy may not work — and those who have been through it are pushing back

The 74 does a deep dive into applied behavior analysis for autism therapy, its history, progression, and studies' results throughout the years.
Carter’s Drops New Seasonal Newborn Essentials for New Parents and Gifters
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Advance your studies without sacrificing your summer
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How does America play video games? A new study highlights our habits
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The Milk Bank Challenge: Empowering women to donate breast milk to babies in need
(BPT) - Did you know women can donate their breast milk to infants in need? It's a powerful opportunity to have a profound impact on families, yet many women simply don't know it exists. But there's …
Preparing for the future: What you need to know about life insurance
(BPT) - While you can’t predict everything life may throw at you, you can still set yourself up for some of life’s uncertainties. One way you can prepare for any situation and provide for …
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