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Your child's best school year starts with their best smile

Dr. Andre Baptiste of Baptiste Orthodontics in Apopka shares the best time for your children and teens to get braces.

Did you know that the average child smiles more than 400 times per day? As kids across the state head back to school in August, why not set your child on a journey to attain their most confident grin at Baptiste Orthodontics? Science suggests it can have a profound impact on their well-being.

As children return to the classroom this year, they’ll be met with new faces and spaces, which can be stressful at any stage in life. The simple act of smiling can counteract this nervousness or hesitancy, empowering a child to take on the school year with confidence.

When we smile, our brains release serotonin, a natural mood booster, along with endorphins, which alleviate pain, reduce stress, and can even enhance health. A smile rewards a child’s effort and understanding, helping their brains process complex emotions and regulate their moods.

However, misaligned teeth, discoloration, or decay can all diminish a child’s confidence in their smile. When our children are overly conscious of their smile, it creates unseen stressors on their mental health and overall well-being, which can be difficult to talk about with parents and family. This may lead to negative effects on their grades, social life, athletic performance, eating habits, and more.

At Baptiste Orthodontics, we believe smiles should be worn loud and proud. After all, they’re contagious! Our team works tirelessly to help children put their best foot forward with braces and clear aligner treatment. 

It’s up to us, as parents, mentors, and friends, to monitor our children’s dental health and performance in school. You may notice that your child isn’t smiling in pictures anymore or they’re suddenly experiencing anxiety at home. While it might be easy to chalk this up to puberty, that’s not always the case. Dismissing the problem will only lead to further feelings of isolation for your child, especially if they’re hiding their discomfort. We must be open to their needs and encourage them to talk to us.

Unhealthy bacteria like to hide in any dark corner they can find, and when a child’s teeth are misaligned or crowded in a way that makes brushing difficult, their risk of cavities, tooth decay, and bad breath increases. Misaligned teeth can also lead to temporomandibular disorders, often referred to as TMJ, which may cause painful grinding or clenching of the teeth.

A healthy smile can not only transform a child’s visual appearance, but it can also actively reduce the risk of gum disease and other threats to their overall health down the road. Both dental decay and gum disease are preventable through proper dental hygiene, and it’s important that we establish healthy habits early for our children’s long-term well-being.

Consider scheduling your child’s trip to the dentist in July, and a follow-up visit five to six months later in December or January. This schedule ensures your child receives cleanings and dental check-ups before the school year and potentially during holiday breaks. You might find that they need braces or clear aligner treatment, and by giving your child a head start on teeth alignment, you’re investing in their mental and physical well-being as they take on a new school year.

Braces help correct misalignment and prepare our smiles for the rest of our lives. Baptiste Orthodontics offers metal braces, which can be customized with your child’s favorite colors, and clear braces. We also provide clear aligner treatment, a streamlined approach to straightening teeth without the need for wires and brackets.

Baptiste Orthodontics is a leading provider of orthodontic treatment in Apopka, Florida helping patients of all ages find their dream smiles. We offer flexible payment plans and accept the majority of private insurance and Medicaid to deliver cutting-edge treatment to every smile in need.

Start the school year with a smile and choose Baptiste Orthodontics

Dr. Andre Baptiste provides orthodontic treatment in Central Florida. He completed his residency in general dentistry and also received a certificate in orthodontics at Howard University in Washington, He grew up in Toronto, Canada and is married with two sons. He cherishes his strong relationship with public schools and is committed to giving back to his community. Dr.Baptiste is the primary orthodontist at the Apopka location for Baptiste Orthodontist.  He has been practicing Orthodontics since 2002  and  founded Baptiste Orthodontics in 2009.

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