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Braving the Storms: Despite hurricane risks, renters still drawn to Florida, gulf coast
With over two months of the season remaining, Rent.com analyzed Gulf Coast markets to appraise the headwinds and tailwinds for renters residing in this hurricane-prone region.
Habitat for Humanity of Apopka-Seminole: Building local legacies one homeowner at a time
If I told you that Habitat for Humanity does not give away homes, would you believe me? I hope so because it’s the truth! We sell affordable homes to deserving buyers.
Rock Springs Ridge
Rock Springs Ridge HOA announces contract with The Golf Group to swap gopher tortoise lands for golf course lands; but questions remain
It's been three years since the RSR HOA Board set its sights on reclaiming the RSR Golf Course lands for its community. But no matter what the bottom line is, there are always questions left unanswered.
How to navigate and survive a foreclosure
If you receive a notice from your lender, DO NOT WAIT TO CONTACT YOUR LENDER! Waiting, hoping they won’t proceed, creates difficulty in working to resolve.  
Central Florida has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the US
According to a recent report from ATTOM, the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford metro area in Florida has one of the highest foreclosure rates of any region in the country.
Affordable Homeownership – The possibilities are endless!
Habitat for Humanity is committed to increasing our region's inventory of affordable starter homes. Why? Because we believe everyone deserves a decent place to call home.

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Seal the deal on affordable homeownership
"The municipalities we serve, who are wonderful partners, can help our shared constituents even more by waiving impact fees for affordable housing."
Friends, family, and elected officials celebrated with the new homeowners.
The American Dream in Apopka
Penny Seater, CEO of Habitat for Humanity Seminole-Apopka: “Some of us inherit wealth, and some of us inherit poverty,” Seater said. “It’s by no choice of our own. Usually, it’s where you were born.”
Wendover vs. The City of Apopka, and the definition of a balcony
Have you ever asked yourself, “what is a balcony?” According to Merriam-Webster it is “a platform that projects from the wall of a building and is enclosed by a parapet or …
Florida Real Estate Market Booms: Apopka and Jacksonville Observe a Sudden Rise in Interest
  In April 2023, as incredible as it may sound for some – the median listing home price in Apopka soared to $442K − trending up 9.1%, whereas the median listing home price in Jacksonville plummeted to $310K − trending down an alarming 4.6%.       It might be astonishing for many to know that Apopka houses only a population of around 56,000+ individuals, making it the  52nd largest county in …
Hatfield Family of West Virginia, 1897
Apopka Range War: Wendover pushes back on City's handling of Southwick Commons development
The feud between the Hatfield and McCoy families took place in the Appalachian Mountains between 1863 and 1891. But they have nothing on the range war going on in Apopka.
How much do Florida homeowners pay in property taxes?
Typically used for funding public services such as schools, law enforcement, and infrastructure improvements, property taxes are the lifeblood of local communities across the United States.
Apopka City Center
Nelson lobbies against Southwick Commons project in Tallahassee
Southwick Commons, a 192-unit apartment complex sitting on land earmarked for the Apopka City Center, has become a black eye that never seems to heal.
The developers who see dollar signs in abandoned downtowns
For some developers, the problem is an opportunity to shop for discount real estate in the center of North America’s most expensive cities.
Report: Florida ranks 8th in highest rent increases year-over-year in April
The national median rent is now $1,937 — the exact same price posted in February when rounded to the nearest dollar.
Study: Florida has half of the top 10 most overvalued metro real estate markets in the US
Florida has some of the most overpriced real estate in the U.S., and new research shows that out of the top 10 most overvalued metropolitan areas, five of them are in the Sunshine State.