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The ultimate in-and-out list for your backyard this spring

(BPT) - As the weather begins to warm up, it's time to breathe life into your backyard sanctuary and embrace the vibrant spirit of spring. Professional landscaper, author, and TV host of "I Hate My …
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The Best Echinacea Companion Plants for Attracting Pollinators
In this guide, we'll explore the best Echinacea companion plants for attracting pollinators. Read on to learn more!
April is Safe Digging Month – Dig Safe & Smart, Florida
Sunshine 811 encourages homeowners and professional contractors to dig safely, especially as landscaping and fencing cause the most damage to underground utility lines.
Common Garden Pests that Tend to Slip People's Minds
Some of these critters are adorable, but unfortunately can be more pest than they are helpful. Indeed, you might not even believe the creatures that build a habitat out there. 
Landscaping in Apopka: Popular Decorative Stone Options in Central Florida
This guide explores the diverse range of decorative stones available in Central Florida and their potential to enhance your outdoor space.
Enjoy Florida-grown foods at Thanksgiving and through the holidays
When you’re giving thanks this Thanksgiving, consider that much of your food grew in the Sunshine State, including corn, potatoes, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, lettuce, and tomatoes.
Sprinkle less, save more: a waterwise approach
On November 5th, residents across the 18 counties of the St. Johns River Water Management District are urged to adjust their sprinkler systems and limit watering to once a week.
Orange County restricts lawn watering to one day a week
Outdoor irrigation is limited to one day a week starting November 5th and then back to two days a week during Daylight Saving Time beginning in March.
Create a Cozy and Inviting Garden with These Design Tips
Whether you have a sprawling backyard or a small balcony, these design tips will help you transform your garden into a welcoming haven.
Warning: Be on the lookout for Hornets
UF/IFAS experts are collaborating with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to prevent the spread of this destructive hornet throughout the South.
How to Keep Wild Animals Off Your Property During Summer
It’s common for animals to enter your premises for shelter and food as temperatures rise. While you may enjoy seeing some wildlife on your property, here’s how to prevent them from invading your property during summer. 
From watering via ice cubes to spritzing with hydrogen peroxide – 4 misguided plant health trends on social media
The internet is full of advice on just about everything, including plant care. As the director of a plant diagnostic laboratory and expert on plant medicine, I help people manage their plants’ health
How to transform your backyard into a PGA TOUR-level lawn
(BPT) - Throughout the year, golf tournaments captivate audiences excited to watch the pros do what they do best: play golf! As viewers tune in to see their favorite athletes compete on pristine golf …
7 Tips for Spring Yard Prep
(BPT) - After winter's last gasp, spring is just around the corner. That means it's time to get out into the yard and tackle some spring cleaning. With a little DIY prep work now, your yard will be …
How to keep your garden on-trend with petunias this spring
(BPT) - Excited to elevate your garden into a trending oasis destination this spring? If you're like many gardeners, you likely approach your outdoor living area with a discerning designer's …
Cherry blossoms – celebrated in Japan for centuries and gifted to Americans – are an appreciation of impermanence and spring
Cherry blossoms mark the beginning of spring. Various festivals are regularly organized in California, Colorado, Georgia, Tennessee and Washington, D.C., to celebrate the bloom of cherry trees. …

A rare, historically massive cicada season is coming: How to protect your lawn, trees, and landscaping

With 2024 expected to be a historic year for cicada emergence, Pest Gnome put together a comprehensive primer on these insects: from which areas of the country will see the greatest number of cicadas to what every homeowner can do to protect their lawn and landscaping.

How to create an Insta-worthy outdoor living space

(BPT) - Social media has changed the ways people engage with content and seek inspiration. Thanks to ever-evolving technology and algorithms, you have the ability to find new ideas instantly. Need a …

Bring vitality to gardens in the shade with impatiens: Your new burst of living color!

(BPT) - Ready to fill your garden with striking colors this spring? Look to Beacon® Impatiens from PanAmerican Seed®, the gardener’s favorite versatile plant for partial to deep shade …

Why do flowers smell?

Imagine walking through a tropical forest as a sweet scent wafts through the air. A little farther down the path, the putrid stench of rotting flesh makes you catch your breath. Upon investigation, you find that both odors originate from flowers – but why do flowers smell like anything at all? ...

(BPT) - Spring is just around the corner! As you make your list of spring cleaning chores, don’t forget to add lawn care to the to-do list.“The key to a healthy, robust lawn is …
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(BPT) - Ditch the boring broccoli and say hello to a purple powerhouse! Want to spice up your salads beyond the usual suspects? Then buckle up, veggie adventurer, because we're about to embark on a …
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