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Celebrate the change of season
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How to Start a Beautiful Garden in Florida
If you're lucky enough to live in Florida, you know that the state is home to some of the most beautiful gardens in the country.
Fox Valley announces Grand Re-Opening
In 2017, the Fox family began looking for a piece of land that would provide space for them to live out their dreams of living on their own sustainable farm.
Get it in the ground: Time to prepare for Fall crops
Fall or Autumn, as I like to call it, is a great time of year to plant all the annual veggies that can't tolerate our Florida summer sun.
Interesting Ways to Improve the Look of Your Garden
The following will explore a few nifty ways you can improve the look of your garden. Emphasis will be placed on changes that don’t require a ton of maintenance and effort
Farmworkers remembered in special exhibit and events at the Museum of the Apopkans
Agriculture has been a part of Apopka’s history for many years. The designation of “The Indoor Foliage Capital of the World.”
Andre the Farmer: Let’s talk about Mangos
July and August are mango harvesting time and a kind of the last call for planting new mango trees in Central Florida. So let's talk mangos.
UF research: Norms, not knowledge, drive irrigation habits
Science tells us that if you replace at least one-third of the irrigated area of your yard or landscape with non-irrigated beds, you could save an average of 50,000 gallons of water per year.
New research identifies the needs and tools to help urban farmers succeed
The needs of commercial urban agriculture operations in Florida have been relatively unknown, which led UF/IFAS researchers to dig deeper.
Flip my Florida Yard returns to Discover Florida Channel
Earlier this year, 10 homeowners across 10 Florida counties were chosen to have either their front yard or their back yard “flipped” into a Florida-Friendly paradise.  
What is a microclimate and how do we work with it for a flourishing garden?
A microclimate is a difference in conditions in a particular area. A tree, fence, lake, hill, or house can create unique microclimates in your garden.
Beautify and protect your home and garden
Closing your pool for the winter?

Follow these steps for the best results

(BPT) - As the temperatures start to drop, you know it’s getting to be that time again — pool closing time. If you live in an area that sees snow and freezing temperatures, it’s …

3 easy ways to enjoy living color in your outdoor space this fall

(BPT) - As temperatures drop and seasons turn, that doesn't mean you have to give up on the vivid blooms you love so much in your yard. …

Why is customer experience essential to the MZ Generation? And why is that important?

(BPT) - At the essence of CX (customer experience) is an increased focus on how customers feel when they experience a particular brand, product and service. Nowadays, comprehensively understanding CX …
Does your lawn need a breather?

Bluebells, lilies, poppies, and more: These are the native wildflowers blooming near you

Summer is a-bloom with native beauty that spans the color spectrum. Texas Real Estate Source compiled a list of wildflowers native to different regions of the United States from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center at the University of Texas at Austin.

The importance and benefits of aeration

(BPT) - Sometimes we need to take a breather, and your lawn is no different. Aeration — the process of extracting cores of soil, thatch and grass from the lawn surface — lets your lawn …

10 tips on how to turn an overgrown field into a beautiful yard

(BPT) - There it is — a big, messy, overgrown field of weeds, grass, tree stumps, rocks and who knows what else, just begging for some loving. It’s an eyesore that you (and your …
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How to transform your backyard to celebrate the mini-moments

(BPT) - Recent changes in how people use and enjoy their homes have led to major shifts in home design — especially when it comes to outdoor living. Whether you want to bring more of the …

Homeownership 101: The ultimate guide to lawn care

(BPT) - Amid a pandemic and a potential recession, Americans went on a near-record homebuying spree over the last couple of years. Many were first-time homebuyers and, according to Realtor.com, more …

5 ways to help keep your home pest-free this summer

(BPT) - Nothing beats spending time in your backyard or opening all the windows in the summer for some fresh air. However, the warmer weather also brings about prime bug season, meaning you’ll …

It’s all in the details: 5 simple ways to instantly boost your home’s curb appeal

(BPT) - With the summer months finally here, now is the perfect time to spruce up your home — both indoors and out. It’s a well-known fact that homes with strong curb appeal not only tend …
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(Family Features) While you might turn to family or friends for inspiration for your next DIY project, another resource for collecting concepts and options to upgrade your space is the internet.
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(Family Features) Cooler fall temperatures mean you're likely to spend more time indoors. Taking time to spruce up inside and out can make you more comfortable and give you peace of mind that your home is tidy, clean and prepared to weather the months ahead.
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