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Orange County

Who will win the 2024 Corridor of the Year in District 2?


As is my practice, during summer, I conduct a preliminary assessment of the four streets competing for Corridor of the Year. I provide feedback for the teams - People of Lockhart, People of Southern Apopka, People of Wekiwa Springs, and People of Clarcona-Ocoee. I’m still hoping for a fifth team representing northern Apopka. Lots of work could be done along Lester Road.

I’m just waiting for you.

I assist and plan strategies during the first half of the year in collaboration with the teams. However, the final two months the “people groups” must plan their own strategies to increase points. I have found that the neighborhood entranceways without HOAs take the most work and require the most volunteers. However, mandatory HOAs have a harder time attracting people. Thus, mandatory HOAs lose points in the engagement category, while generally posting higher base scores.

Orange County Commissioner District 2 Christine Moore
Orange County Commissioner District 2 Christine Moore

I have also developed better strategies along the segments with individual property owners. I send multiple letters and generally, property owners participate in the contest. It is truly an inspirational and motivational program.

The judges in November will look at law enforcement safety standards. Here are the total expectations for the friendly competition. Pressure-washed sidewalks, trees trimmed up at least six feet, hedges trimmed down under three feet, grass mowed and the absence of trash, walls clean, entranceway signage in good condition, and finally, some amount of healthy landscaping and fresh mulch at each entranceway. Five points out of 30 can additionally be earned if residents volunteer. 

People of Southern Apopka have held four clean-ups on Sheeler Ave north of Apopka Blvd. Everyone I speak with is impressed with the progress. Trees have been trimmed, hedges cut back, and new sidewalks installed. The team is led by Pam Welker, Sharon Lust, Justin Dierks, Tracy Hollingsworth, and Dave Durre. Sheeler Avenue and Road is very long. Plus, the Lockhart Team is tough to beat. If you live in this Sheeler Road or southeastern area of Apopka, please call my office at 407.836.5850 or email me at District2@ocfl.net. I will get you in touch with the leaders of POSA.

Heading south is a mish-mash of jurisdictions. I think we need to have the attitude that if it needs fixing – just do it. The three lowest-scoring neighborhoods were Royal Oaks, Dunbridge, and Silver Oaks. I would expect the team to focus on recruiting residents from these three neighborhoods and scheduling clean-ups in September and October. Royal Oaks is likely to take two Saturdays with so much frontage. The railroad section also needs weed whacking and weed control. Both gas stations need a nudge. Go talk to the managers and tell them about the contest. 

Maintenance is the name of the game. The Corridor of the Year Contest is about making maintenance a social, fun, engaging, and rewarding experience. If you like gardening or simply making sure your neighborhood always looks its best – “We Need You!”.

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