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Apopka City Council

Apopka Budget Workshop meeting dates announced


Every year, a city's annual budget plays a crucial role in determining how public resources are allocated and utilized. From funding essential services such as public safety and infrastructure to shaping the community's development and priorities, the city's budget reflects its values and goals.

Understanding the importance of the annual budget is key to comprehending how local governments make decisions that directly impact the lives of residents and the overall well-being of the city.

The Apopka City Council voted 5-0 to set a millage rate of 4.1876 and a general fund budget at $82.1 million for fiscal year 2023/24. It was the third straight year the millage remained at that figure. Will the millage rate change or remain the same for the fourth straight cycle? Will the City Council fully fund each department? Will it add anything unexpected to the budget? 

The answers to all of these questions will begin to emerge at the FY2024-25 budget workshops, which start next week.

On its website, the City of Apopka announced the times and dates for the budget workshops for Fiscal Year 2024/2025. The three-day workshops will start on July 8th, 9th, and 10th at 5 PM (5:45 PM on July 9th due to the Planning Commission) in the Apopka City Hall Council Chambers. 

  • Budget Workshop #1 on July 8th at 5 PM: Community Development, Economic Development, Parks & Recreation, and Administration 
  • Budget Workshop #2 on July 9th at 5:45 PM: Information Technology and Public Services
  • Budget Workshop #3 on July 10th: Public Safety (Fire & Police)
  • The Apopka City Council Proposed Millage Rate for Fiscal Year 2024/2025 Meeting will be held at 7 PM on July 10, 2024.

These meetings will be live-streamed on the City of Apopka YouTube Channel.

The City of Apopka is also unveiling new software to streamline its meetings and agenda management processes. The software, Civic Clerk, integrates into the City's website and allows for increased collaboration among staff, ease of access for the public, and improved efficiency for agenda creation, approvals, minute-taking, and much more, according to the City website's announcement.

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