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Wekiva High School
OCPS Board Member Melissa Byrd sponsoring a CommUnity Celebration at Wekiva High School
The event promises to be an engaging experience and will be packed with school and community resources, continuing education information, and extracurricular opportunities. Apr. 10, 2024 WHAT: CommUNITY Celebration at Wekiva High School This exciting family friendly event serves as a platform to …
Kayakers on the Apalachicola River.
Again? For the third time, another company wants to drill in Florida's Apalachicola River floodplain
Pittman: "This is the third time some wildcatter has asked to cosplay Jed Clampett, hoping to find some a-bubblin’ crude in the wilds of North Florida. Oil, that is — Texas Tea!"
Pop-up, in-ground sprinkler head and home irrigation system. Photo taken 10-01-20.
UF/IFAS scientists launch landscape water use survey to enhance water conservation efforts, programs statewide 
A team of researchers at UF/IFAS researchers has released the Landscape Water Use Survey, which is aimed at homeowners and land managers statewide.
Coffee is not the only way to fight boredom.
How to battle boredom at work
The problem with boredom at work is its negative effects can linger. You might power through a mind-numbing task, but in doing so, you harm your ability to accomplish subsequent tasks.
The Art of Cheesemaking? There's a class for that at UF/IFAS
UF/IFAS Extension Orange County provides education and information to residents and businesses through workshops, publications, and mass media in the areas of family life, youth development, natural resources, horticulture, and agriculture.
Local News
March marks the second consecutive month of below-average rainfall for the District
In March, rainfall across the St. Johns River Water Management District was slightly below the monthly average, with frontal systems being the main source of precipitation.
Apopka Police Department Arrest Report
The Apopka Voice publishes a weekly arrest report that includes arrests, crashes, calls for service, and traffic citations. This report is for the week ending March 6th.
Best counties to live in Florida
Stacker compiled a list of the best counties to live in Florida using rankings from Niche. Niche ranks counties by various factors, including public schools, educational attainment, cost of living, and housing.
NEW YORK CITY - SEPTEMBER 28: People shop at a Target store in the Harlem neighborhood in Manhattan on September 28, 2023, in New York City.
DeSantis signs tougher penalties for retail theft, ‘porch piracy,’ into law
The governor’s office cited reports from retailers estimating losses as high as $112 billion during 2022, with hot spots in New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.
Spring Cleanup: A Classic Community-Builder
Why do spring cleanups succeed so reliably? Obviously, there are environmental and aesthetic benefits. But they go so much deeper.
Apopka Police Department Burglary Report: March 31st-April 6th
The Apopka Voice publishes a weekly burglary report from the Apopka Police Department that includes reported burglaries of businesses, residences, and vehicles. 
Power up your ride with versatile natural gas
There are a number of reasons why switching to natural gas may be the best option for you or your business.
Governor signs bill allowing teens older than 16 to work 30+ hours per week
The law will go into effect on July 1, allowing Florida minors older than 16 to work more than 30 hours per week if a parent, guardian, or school superintendent gives their permission in a waiver.
The Nauti Lobstah in Apopka.
Apopka's Nauti Lobstah wins Orlando Sentinel Foodie Award
The Nauti Lobstah, in the same location as the famed Catfish Place, won the 2024 Orlando Sentinel's Foodie Award earlier this month in the Critic's Choice for Seafood category.
Since 2020, Homes in Partnership has built and provided homes to 157 individuals and families in Lake, Marion, Orange, and Sumter counties, with an additional 65 planned for 2024 – 2025.
“Farming is a Business” is designed for entrepreneurs interested in starting a farm business and for new farmers looking to expand their operations.
The project will build 180–200 single-family homes on 50 acres with gridded streets and sidewalks. The units will be targeted to be affordable to residents at 30–80% of the area median income, with rents as low as $674 for a two-bedroom house.
Would today’s America, reeling from a yearslong housing affordability crisis, be better off if the experiment had worked?  

Treating cardiovascular disease with integrative medicine

With heart disease on the rise, it’s paramount that each of us consider what we can do to lower our risk and promote heart health.

Dozens of groups call on DeSantis to veto bill denying heat protections for outdoor workers

A farmworker in Immokalee harvests tomatoes.

he groups have penned two separate letters in recent days to the governor, who received the bill (HB 433) on Tuesday from the Legislature.

Florida Blue Foundation announces 2024 Food Security Grant

Research has shown that when people have reliable access to fresh, local foods, they are more likely to make healthier choices, leading to better health outcomes. 

We thought measles were going away in Florida, but now there’s a new case

3D graphical representation of a spherical-shaped measles virus particle that is studded with glycoprotein tubercles.

In newly published data, the CDC's year-to-date count in the US now stands at 64 cases of measles, surpassing the 2023 total case count of 58.

As Florida winds down Medicaid eligibility review, more children under 5 are losing coverage

More than a thousand Florida children under five lost Medicaid coverage in February, according to the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration.

Despite the increase in the number of people enrolled in Medicaid, Florida removed more than 3,000 fewer people from the program, according to the February report.

The Florida Legislature doesn’t care how hot outdoor workers get

Outdoor workers in a field in Miami-Dade County.

Some Florida lawmakers have proposed bills requiring everyone who employs outdoor workers to educate them about heat illness and provide workers with adequate drinking water, access to shade, and 10-minute recovery breaks in extreme heat.

Florida social services call center has 2nd longest wait times in the country; $12 million might help

Paper cutout family with house under a Medicaid umbrella

Hoping to alleviate the problem, lawmakers agreed to put $12,261,444 for the call center in the state budget for 2024-25, but Gov. Ron DeSantis has yet to sign off on it, and he can veto various budget items.

Commissioner Kyle Becker, who resigned from Seat #3 on Friday, triggered a change in the Council, as Commissioner Diane Velazquez took over as Apopka's Vice Mayor.
While adult recreational cannabis is now legal in 24 states, not all of those measures were passed by voters via the ballot box.
In case you missed it. The Apopka news week in Review includes five articles that shaped the City... all in one place, including details on who may be running for Mayor of Apopka in 2026.
Apopka City Commissioner Kyle Becker announced on his Facebook page that he and his family are moving from Apopka in the coming months.
Orange County Clerk of Courts hosting Operation Green Light
Operation Green Light is being held statewide from April 6-20th. This initiative aims to help thousands of people with overdue traffic tickets or criminal fines whose driver's licenses have been suspended.
Commissioner Diane Velazquez was a featured speaker at the Apopka Historical Society's Women's History Month celebration.
Commissioner Diane Velazquez and artist Delia Miller featured speakers at the Apopka Historical Society's celebration of Women's History Month
The Apopka Historical Society proudly hosted a special event in honor of Women's History Month, featuring Commissioner Diane Velazquez and local artist Ms. Delia Miller.
Somebody Feed Phil
Demings: "Orange County is diverse and inclusive"
Recently, that spirit of diversity in Orange County was in the national spotlight thanks to Netflix’s hit show, Somebody Feed Phil.

Who will run for Mayor of Apopka in 2026?

Apopka City Hall Council Chamber
It's best to view a politician through the prism of their motivations. If they are considering a run for office, voters should be aware of the possibility. 
Too many ordinary citizens in District 2 do not feel empowered. We must restructure smaller interdependent teams based on neighborhoods and local areas so all feel welcome. In essence, we must become …
Municipal campaigns require a well-planned strategy. Running for office can be daunting and requires a lot of resources, including time, effort, and, most importantly, money.
In an election that decides who will make decisions for a city of 60,000 residents and a budget eclipsing $165 million, it's disheartening that only 12% of registered voters participated.
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