Whether you are an Apopka resident or are visiting the city, you may want to experience some fun activities. There are many things to do in Apopka, and water activities are quite popular. Water activities are exciting and fun for all members of the family to experience so taking a day to spend outdoors is perfect for the summertime. Apopka is a special place in Florida and is the central area for tourism regarding wilderness and wildlife. Here is a list of some fun water activities to consider in Apopka. 

  • Canoeing at Wekiwa Springs 

Take a trip to Wekiwa Springs to spend time on the water. You can go swimming in the springs and even rent a canoe for canoeing. If you just want to enjoy the water, you don’t have to get in as there is plenty of room for hiking within the 7,000 square feet of space available. If you do decide to take on canoeing, there is the chance to travel to the caves. If you want to do some scuba and cave diving, there is space for that as well. 

Gator Sighting at Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive

Animals are always interesting to experience when they are in their natural habitat. If you make a visit to the Lake Apopka you will have the chance of seeing the alligators. Gators are the staple of Florida, so to witness this will give you a taste of the culture in Apopka. This lake is only open to the public during the weekend so you must plan ahead for this as it can get bust. This is a relaxing way to spend your day outdoors, especially if you enjoy visiting water animals. 

  • Swimming at Kelly Park

Swimming is always a fun family activity. If you take a trip to Kelly Park you will experience the popular lazy river and a variety of families enjoying the cool water. Many families enjoy this park for their summer activities. Grab a tube and take a swim or play at the park. Plan ahead as this place can get very busy. 

  • Kayaking at Rock Springs

Rock Springs is a great place for water activities with the beautiful trees and wildlife surrounding an emerald river. You can go tubing or take it up a notch and take on kayaking. You can rent a regular kayak or try something different with the new clear kayak tours. The busiest times are during the late afternoon, so if you want to avoid wait times and crowds, try visiting during the mornings or early afternoons. The tours will take you through the river and will last about 2 and a half hours. 

  • Boat Tours at King’s Landing

If you are wanting to be less active and want to relax on the water, there are boat tours available. King’s Landing is a great location for fishing. If you do decide to go fishing make sure that you are prepared with the right fitting fishing kit and equipment. Those that do want to be a little more active can go swimming in the river. Make sure to discuss the activities with your family to make sure everyone is comfortable. 


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