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Unpacking Veteran Support Services: What's Available in Our Community


Veterans face various challenges after their life in service comes to an end, but the good news is that there are ample options for supporting their reintegration with the civilian world.

Here are just a couple of examples - focusing on employment and mental health - which show what’s out there for veterans who need a helping hand.

Comprehensive employment assistance

Veterans often face unique challenges when transitioning from military to civilian life, especially in the job market. Yet, various programs are available to bridge this gap.

Several organizations offer tailored employment assistance:

  • Job Fairs: Events specifically for veterans bring employers eager to hire skilled individuals. There are many nationally, with VMSTEP providing direct employment-related outreach, including regular sessions in Florida. Meanwhile events like the Orlando Veterans Job Fair are a regular occurrence.
  • Resume Workshops: These sessions help translate military experience into civilian job qualifications. Many universities and colleges offer this type of support - and you can even get virtual support via Goodwill Connects.
  • Career Counseling: One-on-one guidance assists in identifying career paths that align with personal interests and skills.

Online platforms also play a crucial role:

  • LinkedIn’s Veteran Program provides free premium membership for one year, offering tools like interview preparation and networking connections.
  • Operation Homefront and Hire Heroes USA have set up a standout initiative helping veterans connect with potential employers through virtual events and an extensive database of resources. With a $1 million grant provided by the Walmart Foundation, this site is also equipped to assist veterans with managing financial issues.

Moreover, government agencies support veterans through specific initiatives. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) collaborates with local businesses under the Veterans Economic Communities Initiative (VECI), creating robust pipelines for veteran hiring across various sectors.

Of course while you’re looking for a job, claiming benefits to keep your finances in order is a good move. And when applying for veterans benefits related to employment, ensure you have all necessary documentation ready - service records, resumes highlighting transferable skills, and any relevant certifications or training you've completed during your service time. This will streamline your application process significantly.

Despite these substantial resources available locally and online, awareness remains an issue. It's critical for community organizations to increase outreach efforts so that every veteran knows about these invaluable services at their disposal as they navigate their post-military careers successfully.

Holistic mental health services

Mental health is a significant concern for many veterans transitioning to civilian life - with 7% experiencing PTSD and over 1.7 million former service personnel getting treatment for issues including depression and anxiety in VA-approved programs each year. In Apopka, Florida, various mental health services specifically address the unique challenges faced by veterans.

The local VA clinic at Lake Baldwin in Orlando provides comprehensive mental health care, including:

  • Counseling Services: These include individual and group therapy sessions focusing on PTSD, depression, anxiety, and other common issues.
  • Telehealth Options: For those unable to travel frequently to the clinic, telehealth offers an accessible alternative for regular check-ins and therapy appointments. This is all part of Florida’s improving healthcare scene.
  • Medication Management: Licensed psychiatrists work with veterans to manage prescriptions effectively.

Local community organizations also step up significantly. The Central Florida Behavioral Health Network collaborates closely with veteran groups to ensure that mental health support is readily available in the area. They offer workshops on coping strategies and stress management techniques tailored for those who have served.

Additionally, nonprofits like Mission United provide peer-to-peer support groups. These gatherings create safe spaces where veterans can share experiences and solutions with others who understand their struggles intimately. Such communal bonds often play a crucial role in emotional healing and resilience building.

Moreover, innovative approaches are gaining traction:

  • Equine Therapy: Programs such as Freedom Ride use horse-assisted therapy to help veterans process trauma through interaction with horses - a method proven effective in reducing symptoms of PTSD.
  • Art Therapy Sessions: Offered by local studios like Crealdé School of Art where creating art becomes a medium for expression and recovery from invisible wounds.

Veterans looking into these services should start by contacting their nearest VA representative or visiting local resource centers like Heroes’ Mile - an exclusive rehab facility designed solely for veterans' needs located nearby in DeLand.

Final thoughts

Now that you know what veterans can look forward to in terms of local support services, it’s just a case of making the most of the options at hand, rather than letting them pass by untapped.

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