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How is Healthcare in Florida Improving in 2024?


In 2024, we all understand how important our health is, so it’s important to be in the know about what's happening to make healthcare better in Florida. We want to know what steps are being taken in our state to tackle the issues we face when it comes to healthcare and what the future looks like for us living here. Read on to find out. 

Telehealth transformation

Telehealth uses technology like video calls or online platforms to talk to a doctor or healthcare professional, instead of going into their office. It's a way to get medical advice, consultations, or even treatment without having to be there in person. In Florida, telehealth is especially beneficial due to our state's geographical diversity, and the challenges posed by the climate- particularly for residents in remote or storm affected areas. Now, talking to a doctor from home is quicker and more accessible, making general and specialised healthcare services more reachable for everyone. This ensures that people across Florida, no matter where they are, can easily access the care they need.

Preventative healthcare 

Preventing health issues before they become more serious is the aim for most health authorities, and when it comes to Florida this is done through community health programs that provide valuable services like health check-ups and screenings. The Florida government is actively engaged in a comprehensive array of health initiatives aimed at enhancing the overall well-being of its residents. From addressing public safety concerns such as dog bite and drowning prevention to focusing on community health with flu prevention and promoting a healthy weight, the state has implemented targeted strategies. Additionally, initiatives tackling critical issues like human trafficking, injury prevention, and mental health underscore a commitment to addressing diverse challenges. Special attention is given to older adult falls prevention, radiation control, sexual abuse or violence prevention, stress management, and substance abuse. The government is also dedicated to preventing tobacco use through the Tobacco Free Florida program, contributing to a holistic approach to health and well-being across various facets of the community. Educational campaigns are helping people learn about staying healthy through better nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle choices too so that kids at school can grow up more educated and informed about what they need to do to live well. By catching potential health problems early and promoting healthy living, we’re working to keep our residents well for the long term.

Addressing health disparities

In Florida, there's a strong commitment to providing equal access to healthcare for everyone. This involves targeted outreach programs to various communities. The goal is to ensure that every resident, regardless of their background, can easily access essential healthcare services. By tailoring efforts to different groups and understanding their unique needs, Florida aims to eliminate barriers to healthcare access. This inclusive approach is designed to guarantee that every person in the state has an equal opportunity to receive necessary and timely care, promoting overall health equity. a specific example of ensuring equal access to healthcare is through initiatives like the "Tobacco Free Florida" program. This program focuses on promoting a tobacco-free lifestyle, addressing a significant health concern. By conducting targeted outreach efforts in diverse communities across the state, the program aims to ensure that everyone, regardless of their background, has access to resources and support for quitting smoking. 

Mental health integration

In response to the growing mental healthcare issues in Florida’s population, efforts have been made to implement remedies and solutions that address the causes discussed earlier. One significant step taken is the expansion and improvement of mental healthcare services. In addition to expanding services, increased efforts have been made to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. Public awareness campaigns, educational programs, and advocacy initiatives have played a vital role in educating the population and promoting acceptance and understanding.

Investment in research and development

Florida is committed to ongoing research and development in healthcare. This includes partnerships between research institutions, technology providers like BuildOps, healthcare providers and industry experts. These collaborations drive innovation in medical treatments, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare technologies. The breakthroughs from this research ensure that Florida remains at the forefront of advancing medical science for the benefit of its communities. According to South Florida Hospital News, Governor DeSantis’ Focus on Florida’s Future Budget recommendations continue his bold commitment to leave no stone unturned when it comes to pursuing innovative ways to improve the lives and care of Florida’s most vulnerable through funding for the Agency for Healthcare Administration. The Focus on Florida’s Future Budget provides the Agency with the necessary tools to continue furthering our mission of making Florida’s healthcare system the most cost-effective, the most transparent, and the highest quality in the nation.

Government support for affordable healthcare

Florida is taking significant steps to make healthcare more affordable for everyone. Government policies and advocacy efforts are geared towards improving the quality of healthcare services while reducing costs. Streamlining administrative procedures and supporting workforce development are part of Florida's commitment to making healthcare cost-effective and easy to reach for everyone. Enrollment in the federal health care marketplace (which was signed into law by former President Barack Obama) has been on the rise nationwide since the pandemic, when new subsidies offered expanded coverage options for families above the federal poverty level. Florida has consistently led the nation in enrollment. Last year, a record 3.2 million residents signed up for 2024 coverage in the federal marketplace, about 20% of the national total. There were also about 500,000 more Floridians than the year prior.

Community engagement for healthier lifestyles

Community engagement initiatives in Florida go beyond healthcare facilities. The state is encouraging healthier lifestyles through partnerships with local communities which includes promoting outdoor activities, access to nutritious food, and creating spaces for physical fitness. One example is The Community Engagement Team in Florida working to support HIV prevention through media campaigns, the HIV/AIDS hotline, capacity building assistance for health departments and community based organisations. This is on top of statewide mobilisation initiatives, and community planning. By promoting a culture of health and wellness at the community level, the Florida government aims to prevent health issues and improve the overall wellbeing of people living here.

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