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Top 6 smartphone accessories you need


There is a very good chance that, as a modern-day person living and working in 2021, your phone is an integral part of your life. While finding the best smartphone is by no means an easy task, it is important to make sure that the accessories are also chosen carefully. 

The reality is, however, that the world of smartphone accessories is as big, if not bigger, than the smartphone market. Making a choice is often an arduous task starting with deciding what to purchase, right down to the payment method. From gaming related accessories to the perfect earphones, the options are unlimited. 

Whether you want to get a fancy cover to flaunt your new smartphone or are looking for the best gift for your parents, there are an overwhelming variety of accessories available in the market. However, if you are undecided about any particular accessory, you have a ton of information online to help you with your choice. 

One of the main reasons that smartphone accessories are getting more and more popular is that the smartphone is becoming crucial to both the personal and professional interests. Understanding this makes choosing the right smartphone accessory  all the more important.

In this article, we look at some smartphone accessories that will help you make the most of your smartphone. Let’s get started.

inCharge 6 charging cable

3 in 1 cables are found in plenty all across the world, but when we mention inCharge 6 charging cable, the accessory has a great reputation. It is designed by Rolling Square from Switzerland. This 6 in 1 cable enables you to connect different kinds of devices whether they are USB, Type-C, Lightning or micro-USB in nature. 

Among its best features, two are certainly worth mentioning. First, it allows phone charging between two phones. This is revolutionary, to say the least. Second, it has an amazing magnetic attachment.

Pivo Pod

A lot of us purchase a certain smartphone because we love the camera that comes attached. Now, over time, the smartphone camera has come a long way from being an additional camera to being the sole primary camera. This is true even for big life events like weddings and graduation ceremonies. 

In this quest for making more out of your smartphone camera, certain accessories become crucial like a flexible holder for cell phone especially when you are outdoors or in a car. Pivo Pod is a motorised smartphone mount that lets you do exactly what you expect out of your smartphone’s awesome camera - from taking the perfect selfies to capturing the sunset timelapse - this mount helps you with all your picturesque dreams. 

Gazepad Pro Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Yes, you heard it right. This is a mousepad that also lets you wirelessly charge your devices. And you thought you had seen it all!

This is a must have for work from home professionals. A mouse pad is necessary and this device doesn’t just focus on the peripherals, it does that main job perfectly fine too. On top of it, the aesthetics are also taken care of. It looks sophisticated on your work desk and is available in many colors.

When it comes to functionality, it has increased charging area due to the 3 coil system. Further, it also has two charging ports located at places that provide an enhanced user experience.

Ampulla MiniS Bluetooth Speakers

Every young adult is interested in one form of music or another. Also, young people seem to like loud music. No stereotypes, but some facts are just that - facts. So a bluetooth speaker needs to go with you wherever you go. It is a life or death decision these days... at least for teens.

The best thing about Ampulla MiniS Bluetooth Speakers is that they are very portable to carry and can be even put on small mounts like the one in your car or bike. Also, they are magnetic and can be attached in the most unlikely of places.

Duolink SpeakerBuds

Out of all the smartphone accessories that we have listed, this one turns out to be people's most favorite. This is a portable speaker with earbuds inside. This is a first of its kind device which lets you transfer between portable speakers and earbuds in a seamless fashion.

This functional device not just provides you auto switch operation but is also a stunner when it comes to looks. Having this is a blessing for most music lovers who also entertain groups with music shenanigans. Nothing better than not having to switch and connect to multiple bluetooth devices again and again.

Omni 20 Power bank

Since we have talked about everything from smartphone mounts to wireless charging to audio accessories, how could we forget something as basic as a power bank. The 230V outlet makes this heart throbbing device capable of charging your laptops too. It is literally a ‘power’ bank which can charge any device.

While some of the accessories mentioned herein may be a little expensive, there is always the option to avail cheap wholesale prices at Dhgate. Budget is a crucial factor affecting the smartphone accessories decision. More so, because one accessory is not enough. Having already spent a huge sum on the phone itself, it is necessary to cut down on the accessories.

At the same time, compromising on quality should never be on the table. In fact, quality should be a high priority. 


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