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Orange County

The value of comprehensive planning


Orange County is fortunate to have a diversity of environments, from urban and suburban to rural and pristine natural areas.

The Vision 2050 Plan will be implemented over the next few years. It focuses on place-making standards and context-based regulations. The Code relies on development characteristics that are desired by the citizens.

Great places are not created by accident. Shaping our future requires smart planning. Our community is growing and we will continue to grow for the foreseeable future, therefore we must prepare to plan. The long-term vision must continue to reflect the diversity of Orange County while planning for an increasingly urbanized region, whether we prefer it or not. I wish we could slow the growth of out-of-state folks moving here. That simply is not possible. We are victims of our own success.

District 2 Orange County Commissioner Christine Moore
District 2 Orange County Commissioner Christine Moore

Florida Law requires local jurisdictions to implement comprehensive plans to manage growth and guide public investment. Since 1972 this legal framework has defined growth management and shaped development patterns throughout the state.

Orange County is one of the fastest-growing regions in the United States. By 2050 the County’s population is estimated to increase by 700,000, exceeding 2 million residents. Therefore, we must prepare for growth in a smart and responsible way.

Vision 2050 protects our environmentally sensitive lands and a rural lifestyle that is cherished by many while preserving and enhancing the character of our established residential, and suburban neighborhoods.

Planning strategies and long-term goals should change the character of specific high-growth or transportation-rich areas. Transformation strategies promote major opportunities for infill, redevelopment, densification, or public improvement which will enhance the development pattern within limited, targeted areas.

The “maintain” strategy seeks to protect and enhance existing neighborhoods, established rural areas, and the County’s natural environment. This strategy applies to areas where the existing natural or built character is not expected to significantly change.

There will be a series of workshops and public hearings to encourage public comment before the comprehensive plan is adopted. This material is challenging but I am open to offering another meeting with the top county planners to see if you agree with the direction of your immediate area. Stay tuned…these meetings will be held this fall and early next year.

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Orange County. Commission District 2 map
Orange County. Commission District 2 map

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