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The hair professional as therapist?


It seems a lot of barbers and beauticians are pulling double-duty these days.

A national survey by the appointment app Booksy found that 43% of hair professionals feel they function in two roles - first as a hairdresser but also as a counselor— supporting the mental well-being of their clients. Through the pandemic, they’ve increasingly become ‘unofficial therapists’.

The publication Psychology Today describes the phenomenon this way:

"Hairstylists are the go-to therapist for countless men and women, providing two services—a haircut and therapy—that everyone needs on a fairly regular basis."

According to the study, the most popular topics that clients discussed with their hair professionals were COVID-19, family, work, relationships, physical health, mental health, and sex.

Kovie Biakolo of the online magazine Thought Catalog not only confirms that hairstylists are playing both roles but has 17 reasons why they may be better than therapists, which include:

  • They will keep your deepest, darkest, most ridiculous secrets. Not because they have to, but because they want to. Plus they know the code: What happens in the beauty shop stays in the beauty shop. (But if you have to tell the story, no names can be mentioned.)
  • Absolutely no topics will be off-limits because of the trust you’ve built. No need to filter your thoughts or tone or anything. You can just speak your mind freely.
  • They will actually give you advice when you need it and are not just there to let you “figure it out on your own.”

And the wisdom they dispel seems to resonate. According to the study, clients took the advice of barbers and beauticians at a higher rate (37%) than personal trainers (34%), or bartenders (29%).

Empathy also played a role according to the study, as clients sensed their hair professionals felt overworked (28%), stressed (27%), anxious (26%), or even depressed (22%).

To find your next hairdresser, or maybe an unofficial therapist, take a look at the appointment app Booksy. Customers can download it (available for Android and IOS) or visit marketplace www.booksy.com to find local services. Good news: there are over a dozen hair professionals in the Apopka area that you can book through this app. And many of the most savvy stylists use the Instagram book button for appointments as well. Check out the great style photos on Booksy's Instagram, and follow them for the latest tips, trends and creative ideas.

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