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Qualities to Look For When Buying a Coffee Maker


By Allen Brown

If you are looking to get a new coffee maker, there are several things to consider. If you're someone that is new to coffee and want something simple and elegant, you will have a different need than someone that is a coffee connoisseur and is looking for ways to expand their already lengthy coffee experience.

Here are a few qualities to look for when buying your coffee maker to see what is best for you.

Method Of Brewing

One of the things that you want to look at when considering what is important in your coffee maker is what sort of brewing method you prefer. Different methods come with a variety of benefits that you will want to research. Some methods will bring about more flavors from your coffee, while others will simply be faster. Your method of brewing may also put you in a similar role as a barista, so if you are looking for a more unique coffee experience, you will want to explore different coffee makers, depending on your preferences.

How Many Cups Do You Drink?

Another big factor to consider when you are researching which coffee maker to buy is how much you will consume. How many cups of coffee do you drink in a day? Factor in the times that you drink, whether you drink multiple cups back to back, around the same time, or if you spread it out during the day, for example drinking one cup of coffee in the morning and one later on in the day. Also keep in mind that if you are getting a coffee maker for a household, the others in your home also play a role in determining how much coffee you will consume together. It is more efficient to make enough coffee for two cups of coffee at the same time than it is to make individual cups. This will help you understand how much you need to be able to realistically make at any one time. If the people in your home drink a lot, you will be looking at a machine that makes and holds a larger batch, where a less consuming home may use a coffee maker that utilizes single-serving pods.

Keeping Them Clean And Working

One quality to look for when you are buying a coffee maker is to see how difficult it would be to clean and maintain your coffee maker. A lot of people do not enjoy cleaning, and if you have an overly complicated coffee maker, or even one that is oddly shaped, this could make the cleaning process difficult. You have to perform regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure your coffee makers and machines are working properly and do not have any strange smells or tastes, otherwise, that may be a health risk. If you don’t want to do a lot of cleaning, there are machines that use disposable pods, or alternatively, can use disposable filters if you prefer. Ultimately there are other factors to prioritize in your coffee maker, but this is a factor that is still worth considering.

Price And Features

The cost of coffee is always going to be a driving force in how you decide what coffee maker to have in your home. You have to consider several costs and not solely the maker but look at the long term picture. There will be a price difference between just the beans or coffee grounds. If you have a single dispense coffee maker, the individual pods will be costly. You’ll also have to factor in the costs of filters, whether you purchase paper filters or reusable ones. There are different costs and it is in your best interest to look long term when considering how much you want to spend and what features you need.

Time And Convenience

One of the traits that make coffee great is the instant and quick energy boost you get from the caffeine. Not everyone who drinks coffee does so because they love it, but need a little extra jump start to get them going and begin the day. If you want something quick and simple, you aren’t looking at the same coffee makers that aficionados are looking at that require time and effort to make their coffee.

Although you might not always be sure what you want when selecting a coffee maker, the great thing to know is that as your taste and curiosity expand, so can your collection of machines, makers, and accessories. Your kitchen will soon be your own little coffee shop.


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