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Putting the Planet First: 3 Eco-Friendly Ideas for Conscious Consumers


By Riya Chopra

Consumer products, and how people use them, account for 70% of the world's eco-footprint, according to Unilever. This means that as a consumer, you can have a large impact on the planet.

If you want to do your part but don't know where to begin, then you've come to the right place. Use these 3 eco-friendly ideas to get conscious about your habits.

1. Conserve Energy

Most eco-friendly living ideas will start with conserving energy. This has a wide range of applications. You can save energy by using less water, turning off appliances, and using natural cooling and heating options. For example, open your windows instead of turning on the AC.

Many appliances also now have energy-efficient options that you can opt for, including low-flow toilets and showers. In addition, try hanging your clothes outside on a sunny day to save energy on drying them in a dryer.

The biggest transition to conserve energy would be to switch to solar panels. This is one task that you can't do on your own, so find a professional installer in your area to get started.

2. Use Less Plastic

If you want creative eco-friendly ideas, look no further than alternatives to your single-use or even multiple-use plastics. It may be obvious now to bring your cloth bags to the grocery store, but think beyond the bag.

For example, eco-friendly gift ideas should not use plastic either. Even things like children's toys that use plastic are not the best for the planet. Wooden or other natural materials are more sturdy and are biodegradable.

Another way to use less plastic is to avoid online shopping. Packaging is a major source of plastic use that just gets thrown away. Instead, buy locally and from shops that avoid unnecessary wrapping in plastics. You may find that this greatly reduces the waste that you toss out as well.

3. Choose Chemical Free Products

One of the best eco-friendly inventions has come in the form of cleaning and beauty products. This might be something that you haven't given any thought to when it comes to eco-friendly house ideas because they basically go down your sink.

It's easy to see that makeup and shampoo / condition go down the drain, but where do they go after that? Chemicals from bath and cleaning regiments go into the ocean and waterways that seep into the soil. Unfortunately, this process taints your produce and spoils the earth. So by choosing natural products, not only will you give much relief to the earth, but you will also find that such products are better for your body.

Finding Eco-Friendly Ideas and Products

This list of eco-friendly ideas could go on, as the ways to save the planet with your purchases are endless. However, this is a perfect place to start thinking consciously about things that you buy for your home.

Leave us a comment below with a green option that might not be on people's minds but is extremely important to protecting the planet, and check out similar posts on our website.

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