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Apopka Pets

It's Kitten Season in Apopka

An important time to support Candy's Cats


Each spring, stray cats across the United States give birth to thousands of kittens because they have not been spayed or neutered. This creates an influx of kittens and stray mom cats in local animal shelters, such as local Apopka non-profit Candy’s Cat’s Inc, and is the beginning of what many people call “kitten season”. Typically, this lasts from March to September in the United States but can vary depending on the region or climate of the area. 

Photo from the ASPCA

What should you do if you find stray kittens? 

If you find a stray kitten in your neighborhood, the first step is to try to determine how old the kitten is. Kittens over 2 months of age typically weigh around 2 pounds. They are able to eat on their own and have developed good coordination. 

If the kitten(s) appear to be under 2 months, be on the lookout for mom. Mom may leave her babies to look for food, find a safe place for them, or be waiting for you to leave. Keep an eye on the location for signs of mom. She may even return and move the kittens to a different location. 

If mom is around, it is best to provide a safe, dry shelter for the family. A simple and low-cost option may be a large plastic storage tote with a cut-out for entry, lined with a blanket or towels. You can also provide food and water. Dry food is good, but if possible, provide some wet food as well as this is a very healthy option for cats and kittens. It also allows for better monitoring of the health and wellness of the mom and her babies.

If the kittens seem to be orphaned, they will need a foster home and a caregiver to care for them. For more information, or if you would like to volunteer as a foster, you can contact Candy’s Cats directly. 

How can you help?

By donating to Candy’s Cats, you can help their team educate the public on the importance of spaying/neutering, as well as the humane treatment of cats, ensure the health of rescued cats through adequate medical care, and seek suitable homes for cats without owners and return lost cats to their guardians. 

  • For every $35 you donate, Candy’s Cats can neuter one male cat. 
  • For every $50, Candy’s Cats can spay one female cat.
  • For every $100, Candy’s Cats can vaccinate 10 kittens.

You can donate today by going here

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