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Doing business with The Apopka Voice

Here's a glimpse at new directions for The Apopka Voice in 2022

Partner with us in supporting small businesses, student journalists and local non-profits


The Apopka Voice crossed a milestone last year when we published our 10,000th article. It's been an honor to tell the story of this incredible community every day for over six years. In that time, we have built a Facebook page with over 7,300 followers, and had a monthly average of 62,500 unique visits to our site in 2021.

Clearly, we are the most read online publication in Apopka.

Informing, engaging, and inspiring our readers is the mission of The Apopka Voice. But in 2022, we want to do even more.

The new Media Kit is here with more choices for businesses

In the world of publishing, media kits are generally a pretty dry read. Most of them, if you can find them without making a call to an aggressive salesperson, are filled with pages and pages of details that make it hard to find the one or two data points you actually need. 

And while it's important that prospective advertisers know the facts about a publication, The Apopka Voice also believes a media kit can be open, easily accessible, and have a heart - all at the same time.

That's why we have our 2022 media kit available online. No need to talk to anyone until you want to ask questions, explore a customized plan, or are ready to make a decision.

With 24/7 digital advertising and promotion strategies, including run-of-site display ads, gif, and video digital media, with click-through technology that takes your customers directly to your website or social media page, The Apopka Voice is a great choice for local business.

In addition, The Apopka Voice provides a platform for you to be the “local expert” in your field by communicating your expertise directly to the community through informative and inspirational articles, press releases, event promotion, and more.

Advertising through our digital media platform allows you to track your impact via Google analytics, website data, and social media engagement statistics. Your ads remain in front of the community 24/7 instead of being tossed in the trash, allowing you creative means to connect in multiple ways that cut through the clutter for real, tangible results.

Interning Correspondents: Our commitment to young journalists continues

New York Times Journal Press Room
New York Times Journal Press Room

Last year was our inaugural internship program, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the students we were blessed to work with over the summer and fall.  Each one brought such enthusiasm to learn real-world skills, inspired us with their creative ideas, were spot-on with their professionalism and reporting, and made "team meetings" something we actually looked forward to! We have nothing but appreciation to the colleges and universities we partnered with to do this, but reserve our deepest joy and thanks to these great students:

  • Mickenzie Hannon - Journalism - University of Central Florida
  • Matthew Hughes - University of Central Florida - Journalism
  • Crystal Jacome - Broadcasting & Videography - Full Sail University
  • Estefania Lazaro - Marketing - Full Sail University
  • Nathanial Marrero - Valencia Community College & UCF - Journalism
  • Ava Niemeyer - Forest Lake Academy
  • Tristan Robinson - University of Central Florida - Journalism
  • Yasmene Warren - University of Central Florida - Journalism

Because of this rewarding first experience working with student interns, we're fully on board to continue and grow this program in 2022. You can learn more about our focus on providing students with real-world experience, mentoring, and opportunities for publishing and building their portfolios. And if you know a potential student candidate - please do let us know and we'll reach out to them.

Covering the city commission allowed me to gain news experience and knowledge that has aided my development as a journalist. Through this internship, I found my voice and cultivated my skills in storytelling.

Local news outlets are crucial in supplying communities with information and engaging citizens in their local government. Interning with The Apopka Voice reinforced my faith in the effectiveness of local journalism by seeing its relevance and value in the Apopka community.

                                         --Mickenzie Hannon, Interning Correspondent 2021

Typically our interns are studying journalism, communications, digital media, and/or business, and are either enrolled in studies or recently graduated. We have been an approved business organization to work with student interns since 2021, partnering with Full Sail University, Seminole Community College, University of Central Florida, Valencia Community College, and Rollins College. Occasionally we also take on high school interns who are especially recommended and qualified. 

How we support Apopka charities in 2022

When COVID-19 hit in 2020, local nonprofit organizations became increasingly vital to Apopka, due to the increased amount of people in need. That's why The Apopka Voice began a more concerted effort in 2021 to support key charities and the work they do.

As 2022 arrived, we realized the challenges facing our community have not subsided. While much has improved with testing and vaccinations, the economy will still be recovering for a good bit yet, and businesses and families will continue to feel the challenges through it all. We believe the role of our local non-profits to the underserved in our community continues to be vitally important, and why we want to keep doing everything possible to help ensure their success. We believe that, as we are all trying to find our footing again, we will be able to do so better when we work together. We will grow stronger and meet our challenges more equipped as we link arms in every way we can. 

While in 2021The Apopka Voice donated a quarter of our local advertising revenues to support four key charities - Loaves & Fishes, Florida Farmworkers Association, Hope CommUnity Center, and Habitat for Humanity Seminole-Apopka - we are expanding our support in more tangible ways for 2022. 

Each month we will select an Apopka non-profit to provide encouragement and support by providing the following: 

  • 15% of every local advertising dollar for that month will be donated to the charity selected
  • One month of the Premium Strategy ad package will be donated to them, which includes 4 ads on our website, 4 social media ads, 1 newsletter ad, and 4 articles published and shared  on all channels ($575 value)
  • Graphic design services for their ad package will be provided as needed ($50 value)
  • And we will also write an article spotlighting the accomplishments & needs of the non-profit and share it everywhere - our website, newsletter, and all social media channels 

Recommendations on local charitable organizations are definitely welcomed, so please drop us an email info@theapopkavoice.com or text (407) 415-6218. We would love to learn how an Apopka non-profit has helped you or someone you care about and find ways to encourage them in their work. 

Starting February: Monthly promos and chances to win FREE advertising

Businesses keep your eyes open for monthly promotions, discounts, and chances to win free advertising ads and packages all year long! We have lined out a year's worth of opportunities to help local businesses get noticed, connect with the community, and build your customer base. We can't wait to share!

Be on the lookout on our website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and in the daily newsletter for details. The first winner could be YOU!

For more information, to ask questions, or to brainstorm ideas for your business, contact us at: (407)415-6218 or email info@theapopkavoice.com. We’d love to partner with you in connecting neighbors, growing customers, and making clients for life!


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