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Student Journalists Wanted: Internships available with The Apopka Voice


Digital Media & Journalism internships are available for three to six month, or one year opportunities

Thank you for your interest in working with The Apopka Voice! We’re excited to work with you, and together, better inform, engage and inspire the Apopka community.

If you want to learn more about our history, mission and leadership, please check out our About Us page. And for more information on the why behind this program, check out this article on the launch.

Right off, please know that this is an unpaid internship opportunity. However, depending on the internship team’s collective vision, ideas and pursuits, as well as future grant opportunities, there are possibilities for income to be explored on this road together. While nothing can be promised at this point financially, what we can guarantee is that, should you be chosen to intern with us, you will received countless benefits of direct, real-world, digital media and newsroom experience, team and leadership skill building, and opportunities to apply your knowledge and abilities in tangible ways that will far exceed most internships currently available in these fields today. Let’s get specific.

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What we offer...

  • Hyper-local, digital media, real-world newsroom experience that can directly impact your resume with published by-lines, clips, and professional, credible references

  • You choose the role that you want to explore, be it reporter, social media expert, SEO / audience engagement, editor, business / marketing, photo / video, data reporting / analysis, etc. and you will help shape, with the Publisher and Managing Editor, what your role will look like during the course of the internship

  • Reporters / journalists: You choose the area you want to cover, investigate, and report on, focusing on the stories / sector that you want to write about. Examples of focus areas available: business, government, education / schools, community / neighborhoods, local events, religion / faith, social justice issues, solutions journalism, investigative journalism, sports, politics, breaking news, entertainment… or… something that’s never been done before, or not typically found on the “usual” lists for journalists / digital media sites, that you pitch because it makes sense to pursue in Apopka!

  • You will have a ‘seat at the table’ as a team member with a voice as it relates to (a) determining the news needs of the community; (b) visioning and strategizing on how The Apopka Voice can best meet those needs and further strengthen Apopka; (c) setting organizational and intern team goals to help grow the impact the news site has in, on and with the community; and (d) building upon and furthering the community connection and impact for good through the strengths of this organization and team of interns working together, as well as via creative ideas and opportunities available in digital media and journalism

  • Opportunity to work with and learn from experienced publishers, journalists, editors, business owners and community leaders

  • Team- and skill- building workshops provided on a variety of relevant topics, at no cost to you

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We're looking for...

  • Undergraduate or graduate college students pursuing a career track in digital media / communication / journalism / business (business interests focused on business development, marketing, publishing, digital media, grant writing, etc.)

  • Characteristics:

    • positive spirit
    • curious
    • eager to learn
    • team player
    • able to work independently
    • takes initiative
    • asks questions
    • responsible
    • pays attention to detail
    • follows through with commitments
    • enjoys laughing
    • you don’t take yourself too seriously but do your work product
    • not afraid to take risks and fail as a way to learn and grow

  • Able to submit 2-3 clips of your work with your application – articles, videos, creative writing – preferably that has been published, but will consider unpublished work as well if you have not yet been published; business / marketing interests submit examples of business plans, marketing campaigns, ideas or work you have developed or helped further in the realm of digital media, social media, journalism, or communication; please include your first and last name on each submission page

  • Have access to a computer, internet and be able to work remotely

  • Be able to meet online in video meeting once per week, and in person once per month for a team meeting in Apopka (social distancing and masks required)

  • Provide at least two professional or school references

  • If chosen, you agree to complete a StrengthsFinder 2.0 strengths assessment and MBTI-type personality assessment for team building purposes, no cost to you

  • Weekly time commitment and the specifics of your role will be customizable depending on the area you would like to specialize in, your school internship requirements, and organizational needs

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  1. Complete the application found in this link:

The Apopka Voice Internship Application

  1. Email the application and required documents (in Word doc or PDF format) to Denise Connell, Publisher, at editor@theapopkavoice.com. Required documents to include:

  • Completed application
  • Cover letter - no more than 300 words explaining what you hope to bring to The Apopka Voice and what you want to take away
  • Resume
  • 2-3 work examples – preferably that display a range of experience with different types of coverage, topics, or creative focus. The clips may be sent as PDFs, Word docs or a direct link to the article, photo, video or other work.
  • 2-3 professional or school references

  1. Internship dates and application deadlines:

We offer a "rolling" application process and accept intern applications throughout the year. We customize start and end dates for each intern that is accepted into our program.

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If you have any questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Denise Connell at editor@theapopkavoice.com, or by phone / text to 407.415.6218.


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