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How to Find the Top Solar Generator Kit


Solar generator kits are an energy-efficient alternative to our conventional fossil fuel-powered generators. Similar in mechanism, these solar kits harness the sunlight through solar panels, store the energy in batteries, and provide AC. With plenty of options out there, searching for the top solar generator kits can become daunting. In this piece, we will share some tips to ease your search in finding the top generator kit. 

Knowing your usage

Understanding the solar generator kit’s primary use can narrow down the search to appropriate options. Solar generator kits come in a variety of storage capacities, sizes, types, form factors, and voltage outputs which you can consider to make better choices. Let’s say you want to purchase a solar generator kit for camping or want to power your RV when on a vacation. Looking for portable solar generator options with ample battery storage and charging ports would be the best options to explore. 

Building a solar generator

If you are a DIY enthusiast who likes to take matters into your own hands, it’s possible to build a solar generator without requiring technical assistance. You will need several pieces of equipment like solar panels, batteries, a charge controller, a power converter, wires, and a metal frame for your generator. Several solar equipment providers are already offering a DIY Solar Generator Kit that you can purchase, saving you the hassle of purchasing individual components for your DIY project. When building a solar generator on your own, review the instructions carefully and make sure you follow each step mentioned in the guide provided with the DIY kit. Following safety protocols are also necessary during the assembly process. 

Here are several factors to consider as well when finding the top solar generator kit:

Battery size

The battery size of the solar generator kit determines how long it will last. The watt-hours represent how many hours the generator could supply energy. The bigger the battery size, the higher the price tag of the generator. You can easily calculate the energy requirements using simple calculations and only choose the battery size that can suffice these requirements. 

Solar input

One real-time factor to consider when finding a reliable solar generator is how efficient the generator kit is in charging the battery. The time taken to charge the battery is also accounted for. If you are solely relying on a solar generator kit for your energy needs, picking a generator with a quick charge rating would be an excellent choice. The recharge rate from solar panels also differs from the recharge rate of an AC/DC supply. 

Inverter size

The inverter size directly relates to the output of the generator. A bigger inverter size can power more appliances and devices. Let’s say you want to know whether the generator can power a certain appliance like an air conditioner. Knowing the maximum output can assist in figuring out whether the generator you are looking for is worth it.

Plenty of solar generators are available out there, each having its pros and cons. Therefore, always compare your options. Explore their features, specifications, pricing, and the offered warranties so you can make an informed decision.

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