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Demings supports bi-partisan legislation for Advanced Research Projects Agency Health Act

Legislation would create an Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health to supercharge research into cures for cancer and other diseases


Today, Rep. Val Demings (FL-10) voted for the Advanced Research Projects Agency–Health Act, which will supercharge medical R&D, expand competition, and bring down costs for health care. It passed the House with strong bipartisan support.

“This initiative will develop new cures and bring down health care costs for Florida families," Demings said. "Growing up the daughter of a maid and a janitor I saw that access to affordable health care must be a fundamental right for every American. I’m proud to support this advanced research initiative. I call on Democrats and Republicans in the Senate to join us and pass this bill without delay. We must have no more stonewalling on critical bills that we passed to bring down the cost of prescription drugs and make health care affordable for Floridians."

The bill would authorize the creation of an Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H), with an initial authorization of $3 billion in FY 2022. ARPA-H will support transformative high-risk, high-reward research to drive biomedical and health breakthroughs on cancer, infectious diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, and other diseases.

ARPA-H would be a research entity modeled after other successful Advanced Research Projects, including defense (DARPA) and energy (ARPA-E) which have special streamlined federal rules that allow them to move faster than usual to support cutting-edge research opportunities. These agencies have trailblazed emerging technologies including the development of the internet.

Demings previously voted for H.R. 3, a bill to lower prescription drug costs for American families, and to cover dental, vision, and hearing services under Medicare for the first time.

Demings helped to pass the Build Back Better plan through the House of Representatives. This plan was one of the largest middle-class tax cuts in U.S. history, part of a fiscally-responsible plan to create new jobs and reduce the cost of essential services including health care, child care, senior care, education, and housing.

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