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Apopka Elections 2022

Breaking News: Becker wins first Apopka Voice Mayoral Readers Poll

Over 800 votes cast


Apopka City Commissioner Kyle Becker has won the Apopka Voice Mayoral Readers Poll with 53% of the votes. Apopka Mayor Bryan Nelson received 43.8% of the votes, while 3.2% of the readers were undecided.

There were 822 readers that participated in the poll, which began on Friday and ended at noon today. The participation figures were similiar to the 811 readers that cast ballots in the first Apopka Voice mayoral poll of 2018 between Nelson and then-incumbent Mayor Joe Kilsheimer. 

The final results in the poll:

  • Kyle Becker  436 votes (53%)
  • Bryan Nelson 360 votes (43.8%)
  • Undecided 26 (3.2%)

On January 31st, Nelson and Becker will square off in a debate sponsored by the Apopka Area Chamber of Commerce at the VFW/Apopka Community Center.

The second Mayoral Readers Poll conducted by The Apopka Voice will follow that debate... going live on Friday, February 4th at 12:01 am, and closing on February 7th at noon.

Election Day in Apopka is March 8th.

AlthoughThe Apopka Voice will not endorse candidates, we will provide you with features, and details on their campaigns, their opinions, and actions while in office. So if you are undecided, these articles may be helpful in determining your preference.

Here are features on both candidates The Apopka Voice published in October:

Here is the rest of the series on Becker and Nelson entitled "The Race to be Mayor":

Editor's Note: Although the poll is not scientific, and the margin of error is undetermined, it does reflect a snapshot of where The Apopka Voice readers stand with these candidates, particularly with 822 participating. And in both the 2016, 2018 and 2020 election cycles, these polls did prove accurate in forecasting the eventual winners.


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