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A Big Adaptation: Navigating the First Few Months Post-Birth


The first few months after having a baby requires major adjustments to your new life. A new mother is going to have to adapt to a new normal. It can be frustrating, elating, and tiresome, all in equal measure. This is why it's important to know some of the following so you can ease into a better way of life.

Prioritize comfort

You are adapting to being a new mother, protector, and provider. You need to be as comfortable as possible, especially if you're feeling the surge of hormones in your body. Making sure that you have physical comfort will do a lot, especially if you are breastfeeding, for example, many maternity bras can help to decrease the tenderness and soreness that comes with breastfeeding. The more you can make yourself comfortable, the better you are going to feel in yourself.

Be kind to yourself

It’s also important to ensure that you’re not being hard on yourself. There are a lot of changes that happen to your body in pregnancy, but you can’t beat yourself up, postpartum, because of it. As much as you may be intrigued about mommy makeover cost, it’s more about self-acceptance and practicing self-love. Over time, your body can change back. But for now, it’s all about being kinder to yourself.

Don’t be ashamed to seek help

Some new mothers feel too proud to ask for help. But if you are hesitant about this, you need to remember that you've been through a lot with the birth. You need the time to heal and the sheer variety of emotions and physical shocks you are going through means that you should be asking for help, so you can get rest. Don't be afraid to lean on your partner, or if you do not have a partner, friends and family can do things such as prepare meals or run errands. Rather than trying to push through thinking you can do it, if you rest now you are going to be able to achieve much more further down the line.

Sleep when the baby sleeps

It is a piece of advice that many experienced parents talk about, and for good reason! Many new mothers may feel like they're the first person that's ever gone through this, but for the first couple of months, you have got to get as much rest as possible to offset any feelings of fatigue. It all depends on how much your baby sleeps and feeds. To guarantee you are getting enough rest, you need to sleep when the baby sleeps. You might not feel like you can get to sleep straight away if the baby is resting, but this is where you could utilize protocols related to non-sleep deep rest. While you might not be able to fall asleep, as long as you are putting your body and mind into a restful state, you can achieve a lot.

Trust your instincts 

There will be times when everything is getting on top of you. Perhaps that woman in the supermarket makes a comment that you are holding the baby “wrong,” or you find yourself on the receiving end of a near miss when you are out driving because of some idiot tailgating. A lot of these things can contribute to this feeling like we're just not coping. Trusting your instincts and knowing that you are doing your best is always good enough. The fact is that those first few weeks and months after having a baby mean you have to re-evaluate everything in your entire life. This is why you've got to give yourself that space and remember that major adaptation is going to take time.

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