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6 Tips to Keep Your Dog Happy and Healthy in Florida


Dogs are our friends, companions, and members of our families. They deserve to live comfortable lives with as few worries as possible. Here are a few tips to help keep your dog in good health and always happy.

1. High-quality food

The quality of the food you feed your dog can greatly impact their health, growth, and vitality. If you buy low-quality foods, your dog will likely suffer from malnutrition and secondary issues like allergies. Focus on foods that are easy to digest and offer increased energy. There are plenty of dog food options to choose from in Florida.

Once you've bought quality food, monitor the dog's feeding pattern [to promote a healthy gut for dogs, which can be supported by incorporating probiotics into their diet.] Healthy meals, offered in the right quantities, would facilitate growth and improve your dog's immunity system. You should split the food to offer two to three meals daily. However, this will depend on your dog's feeding pattern, because you do not want to change it abruptly.

2. Regular vet visits

Just like humans, dogs require regular medical check-ups to ensure good health. Therefore, make it a habit of taking your dog to the veterinary officer regularly. These experts would carry out medical examinations to identify any issues affecting your dog's health. For instance, you might not detect dental health issues, but your vet will.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cavities, severe tooth loss, and severe gum diseases are among the dental health issues that affect health in humans, but the same goes for dogs. If your dog is suffering from any of these conditions, their eating habits will change, negatively affecting their health. Hence, your dog needs regular check-ups to diagnose and prevent the occurrence of oral issues and other health conditions.

3. Keep a clean environment

Your dog's living environment should always be clean and comfortable. If you notice your dog shying away from a particular area, there is something wrong with it. Try to identify what could be wrong and rectify the situation immediately. Also, ensure the area is free from any pests that might affect your dog. Since ants, spiders, and roaches are among the common pests in a home that can make your dog uncomfortable, you should hire a fumigating service to eliminate them if you notice they are present in your home. In turn, both you and your dog would enjoy a clean environment free from pests.

4. Exercises and games

Exercises meant to improve your dogs' well-being are essential in keeping the dog happy and healthy. Dog games and other physical activities would not only keep your dog active and healthy, but also enhance their mental state. Dogs need human interaction, to stay mentally and physically healthy. Therefore, train and play with your dog frequently. Include fun activities into everyday routines to build an enjoyable relationship with your dog.

5. Grooming

Grooming your dogs would keep their skin and fur healthy and prevent infections from developing. Brushing your dog's teeth as much as possible is also recommended, but ensure you do not make it a forceful activity. Instead, allow your dog to get used to the idea and follow the same routine. Brushing at least two times a week would keep your dog's mouth clean, healthy, and ensure breath fresh. Brushing your dog's teeth could also minimize odor issues, dental problems, and mitigate gum diseases, ensuring your dog is healthy.

6. Show affection

Dogs live longer when they are in good health. If your dogs are not feeling well, you can cuddle them. Cuddling will help to soothe their pain and increase their chances of recovery. It would also improve the bond between you and your dog and make it feel more comfortable in your company.

Keeping your dog healthy is important because it helps ensure they live longer with a more fulfilling life. Luckily, you now know some ways to prevent common health issues from occurring. Follow the tips above to keep your dog happy and healthy.

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