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3 Ways You Might Be Damaging Your Hearing


Supporting healthy hearing is something anyone and everyone can do each day. It is the small changes that add up that can ensure your hearing is preserved for as long as possible and isn't damaged by your own actions. Of course, there are health conditions, illnesses, and diseases that can affect your hearing and accidents that can occur that could impact your hearing. Still, there are plenty of things people do in day-to-day life that will have a cumulative effect on your hearing loss and can indirectly or directly contribute to hearing loss.

But what is it you could be doing that is harming your ability to hear or setting you up for hearing loss in later life?

Not eating the right foods

Your diet can have a massive impact on your hearing, and not eating enough food with essential vitamins and minerals can harm your body and your health in a variety of ways. Magnesium, for example, has been shown to work towards preventing hearing loss and has even proven to be partially effective in hearing loss recovery for those already living with hearing loss. While there are no guarantees that this will protect you, eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals can help give you a fighting chance of good hearing health .but be careful when taking supplements that claim to support hearing health; combatting hearing loss supplements myths is vital to ensure you are getting the proper nutrients your body needs.

Neglecting heart health

Many studies have proven a link between hearing loss and poor heart health. The way your heart works and pumps blood around the body can have an impact on your hearing. This is because your ears are sensitive to blood flow, and any changes or restrictions to the blood flow can have adverse effects. This is pretty common in many heart conditions, and neglecting to get your heart health checked and staying on top of managing any heart conditions can lead to hearing loss or damage in the future.

Excessive noise exposure

Lastly, failing to protect your ears from prolonged noise exposure can seriously affect your hearing. The tiny hairs in the ear canal that pick up sound waves and transfer them to nerve signals to travel to the brain so you can hear can become damaged by excessive noise levels regularly. While visiting concerts sporadically might not do any harm, for those who frequent loud environments or work in them can be at risk of damage to the components of the ear and be more susceptible to hearing loss over time.

You can combat this by using hearing protection when you will be exposed to loud noises (over 70dB) regularly. For example, normal conversation levels are usually around 60dB, so anything louder than this can potentially cause damage to the ears over time.


Protecting your hearing can be beneficial for those worried about losing their hearing as they age and can help you to combat the common causes of hearing loss. Your ears are delicate organs and need to be treated as such.

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