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Faith & Inspiration

By Charles Towne

Life – or that ambiguous stuff of which life is made (and you know what I am speaking of,  for it is called living) – should be just a smidgeon extravagant.

Life should pay you back a little – or perhaps a lot, if you get my drift – in coin smelted in the hellishly hot furnace of adversity, and only obtained by grabbing it, and ravenously tearing out chunks by the mouthful until your appetite is sated – which I pray it never will be, for on that day, when you have had enough, you start to die.

When was the last time you did something really exciting?

Or perhaps even crazy?

(And finding the missing piece of that 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle you have been working on for the last year doesn’t count, nor does watching an exciting shoot-em-up on the “boob-toob”.)

Entering a cage filled with hungry lions and tigers certainly would qualify as “exciting”, but that is just a tad beyond the realm of possibility for most folks, so we will exclude that one.

But really – when was the last time you did something outlandish – like swam with the sharks, or snow skied on the more challenging slopes, or did something on your bucket list?

Oh sorry, you don’t have a bucket list, do you?

And if you don’t have a bucket list…

Isn’t it time you made one?

There was a time when life presented challenges. Wild animals prowled the country side, and the rule of law was not as prevalent as it is today. Now the biggest challenge you might face is walking to the corner store to get a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk; which I have to admit, in some neighborhoods might be dangerous. Why, I heard of a fellow that was laid up for a week recently when he got a paper cut at his office!

Let’s face it, for most folks life is sort of mundane, boring if you will, unless you hurt yourself playing Mar Jong.

My question is this: What are you doing with your life? Are you just existing?

Barnacles just exist!

But to a barnacle, just existing might be pretty exciting; but then again, you aren’t a barnacle, are you?

Some of us are just teetering on the edge of eternity, waiting.

But…waiting for what?

Papa God, you are my exciting, forever friend! Please help me to know you in that light.  Please walk with me and challenge me so that my life will be such that you can use me to your glory in all things and in all ways. Father, guide me up the steep mountains and into the deep valleys. And when I fall, help me up. In times of danger, protect me, and let my life bring you glory in all ways. In Jesus’ beautiful name I ask it, Amen

Charles Towne is first and foremost a Christian. An octogenarian, author, journalist, wildlife photographer, naturalist, caregiver, and survivor, his life has been and continues to be, a never-ending adventure filled with possibilities never imagined. He has adopted the philosophy that to Live fully, laugh uproariously, love passionately, and learn like there is no tomorrow, is a formula for a long and joy-filled life.


  1. Thank you, Chuck, for reminding me to jump-start my life every so often!! Living life to the fullest, especially in a grateful mode, would be what the Lord had in mind, of course honoring him!!
    I pray we all begin maximizing what we’ve been given.
    God bless you!

  2. I agree! You should NEVER confuse crossing an item off your bucket list with winning a Darwin Award!(you know those awards awarded to those who improve the human gene pool by leaving it!)
    Personally, I have never viewed life as a trek down a long and sometimes twisty road, A linear journey in time, but rather as more like a roller coaster with corkscrew turns and loop de loops where for most of it you should be hanging on tight and screaming whooo!!!, where you arrive at the end completely drained and not just tired! The best thing (one of them!) that Papa God did was to make me realize that my Guardian Angel didn’t leave when I got out of High School! I choose the kind of life where, when I get to Heaven, He will look me up and ask, ” What in the world were you THINKING????” God bless us us each and every one of us and may we never stop appreciating the weird stuff now and then!!!

    • Richard, AI 86 I have about given up on the idea of running with the bulls in Pamplona Spain, but then that wouldn’t really qualify for the Darwin awards would it? Chaz

      • Maybe if you got one of those helmets with the big horns and tried actually running WITH the bulls instead of in front of them!

        • Dimitri, now why didn’t I think of that? But maybe it would be safer to run BEHIND the bulls! Wow, what an idea! Chaz

  3. I agree 100%!! In fact….we are both on the way to another nature adventure this morning to live life at it’s fullest:)
    Enjoy the day…

    • NH, YIPPEE KI YAY! Should be our catchword, let each of us grasp life by the horns and as long as there is life, let us really LIVE! Bless you, Chaz

  4. Chaz, I don’t believe God calls for any of us to live a dull existence, but to live life, and to live it more abundantly. A Friend

  5. Participating in something worthwhile, that brings joy to others, that has the potential of lighting the pathway of someone struggling in the semi-darkness, of risking by returning love for hatred expressed–that’s adventure with eternal consequences. Cheering you on and on, Charles.

    • Ernie Bursey, I Think what you are speaking of is called loving the unlovely. Setting out to transform anger and hostility into love! Wow! In other words practicing the eleventh commandment! Lord, make me anew, rebuild me, recreate mem please. Blessings on you both, Chaz

  6. A Friend, Oh my friend, every moment of every day, let it be said of us that, “they tackled life with an unparalleled exuberance!” We aren’t just sucking air! Bless you and yours, Chaz

  7. We like this challenge, Charles!!! We should always be ready for new and exciting adventures that lead to us showing the beautiful fruit of God’s Spirit. We should be asking for it and live in expectation of it. Excitement can include, love, joy, peace, gentleness, and much more, these are the fruits of total contentment and rich life. We need a life filled with beautiful experiences and rich deeds. Thank you for challenging us!!!
    Jimmie and Mignon

  8. Jimmie and Mignon, Ahh my dear friends, what an adventure lies ahead of us! Keeping our eyes on the mark is our task, and our joy! Blessings and great joy to you and yours. Chaz

  9. I once thought it would be exciting to walk into a bank with a mask on and ask for money like the old west but COVID really checked that off the bucket list. The after retirement honey-do list is finally getting small enough to plan some trips and heading to Key West for several days soon. Haven’t been there in 20+ years and while there we will plan our next adventure from our bucket list. Keep the motivation coming Chuck. Be safe my friend.

  10. Mike ol’ pal, when you tell me to be safe you scare me! Isn’t safe the same thing as sorta dull, even mundane? I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Yeah, now you are scaring me! Walk on the wild side pal, walk on the wild side! Chaz

  11. Thanks Charlie. As you know, my life has become exciting over the last twp years and I thank G-D every day for all he gides me through.

  12. Herb, you are greatly blessed my dear friend, and all those blessings can come only from one place! You take care, Chaz

  13. My Precious and Beutiful Miracle Little Bro !!! You’re Aim perfect ! GOTCHA !
    Life is Beautiful and more when you do or done crazy little things … Well, I told you I learned and amazed about U that YOU’RE Reinventing yourself … That’s enough and beyond to keep going and rollin’ on Life and OTR. Always ALWAYS with GOD.
    You Are Wonderful Charles !!!

  14. Leo, my friend, mi amigo, mi compadre! Thank Papa God that He made us good friends! Keep smiling my feirnd, Chaz


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