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Lawmakers in Tallahassee have for years taken away ever more power from local governments and “preempted” that power to the state on a variety of issues. more
In 2022, lawmakers approved 12-year term limits for local school board members in Florida, but a year later, the House and Senate chambers decided to impose 8-year term limits. more
In 1998, Florida endured six weeks of wildfires that were so bad, an entire county had to evacuate its 40,000 residents. All lanes of Interstate 95 and Interstate 4 closed down. more
The Florida Senate passed new legislation that could increase protections for vulnerable elderly people from exploitation and abuse. more
Democrats and voting rights advocates say restrictions imposed on third-party voter registration groups are the most problematic items in the contentious election bill pushed by GOP lawmakers this … more
Florida lawmakers are considering a bill that would cut red tape for out-of-state occupational licensees that move to the Sunshine State. more
Florida voters would determine if the races for non-partisan district school board members should instead be partisan affairs, potentially teeing up for partisan politics in 67 school districts across the state. more
Similar to food trucks, where the food kind of comes to you, mobile dental units are used to expand access to care in hard-to-reach, low-income, and other communities in need. more
If a Florida motorist is pulled over for suspected drunk driving and refuses to take a breathalyzer test, they’re subject to a mandatory driver's license suspension for a year. more
According to FLHSMV data, distracted driving crashes resulted in 268 fatalities in 2022 – down 77 deaths from last year’s eight-year high of 345. more
Florida SB 682, reduces the time a local government has to approve or deny building permits from 30 business days to nine calendar days. more
One of those harm reduction tools is fentanyl test strips, small pieces of paper that can detect the presence of fentanyl in all different kinds of drugs. more
Telehealth is a service that connects consumers in rural areas with health professionals from the comfort and convenience of their homes. more
The Florida House Infrastructure & Tourism Appropriations Subcommittee recommends spending $19.5 billion for infrastructure and tourism needs in fiscal 2024. more
We are facing challenging times, but I believe we are already making progress in finding solutions to the issues that affect the everyday lives of Floridians.  more
The Toll Relief Program runs through December 31, 2023, and is expected to provide at least 1.2 million drivers with average savings of nearly $480 over the course of the year. more
The bills would forbid any local governments from “adopting laws, regulations, rules, or policies relating to water quality or quantity, pollution control, pollutant discharge prevention or removal, and wetlands.” more
A Florida law, enacted in 2022, prohibits street racing. Takeovers, drag racing, donuts, burnouts, wheelies, drifting, and other related activities create unsafe roadways. more
Since launching our first-ever specialty Walt Disney World Resort license plate design in honor of the 50th Anniversary celebration, it’s been nothing short of magical. more
The bill would limit local governments to charging no more than $50 for an individual to register a vacation rental and $100 for a collective vacation rental. more
The 30 second time limit for residents to give public testimony in the Legislature is becoming common as lawmakers take up highly debated legislation that may impact the lives of Floridians. more
Saying that it’s time to address the housing crisis in Florida, the state Senate unanimously passed a more than $700 million affordable housing package. more
Many people have moved on from COVID, shedding masks and getting rid of social distancing and other measures and mandates. And not everyone is doing vaccines and boosters anymore. more
Most importantly, the springs give us windows into our drinking water supply because each one is connected to our aquifer. If the springs are healthy, so is our drinking water. more
A recent audit from the Florida Auditor General’s office showed uncorrected discrepancies with a program designed to assist stranded motorists. more
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