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AAM is an emerging air-based transportation mode that uses electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft to carry passengers and cargo to provide essential services in urban and rural settings. more
It shouldn’t have gotten this far. Yet it passed both the House and the Senate and, according to the House website, was “presented to governor on Friday, June 7, 2024, 2:57 PM.” more
The Indian River Lagoon has long faced challenges stemming from compromised water quality and recurring harmful algal blooms, which have resulted in significant seagrass loss. more
Data accumulated by LandTech, which provides site-sourcing technology for developers, suggest that new amendments to the Live Local Act will mean a 22% reduction in sites available to affordable housing developers. more
In 2023, the Toll Relief Program delivered $500 million in substantial savings to over 1.2 million commuters, equating to an approximate savings of $400 per individual. more
Florida saw more books challenged for removal than any other state last year, according to data released by the American Library Association. more
On the eve of hurricane season, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody is promising rigorous enforcement of state laws against price gouging and disaster-related scams. more
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported 146 broken temperature records in Florida in the past month. The temperature rose to 100 degrees Fahrenheit on May 20th in Homestead, one of the state’s major agricultural areas. more
Rod Olsen is a former HOA President of Rock Springs Ridge and an Apopka resident who wrote an open letter to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis urging him to make policy changes in schools and in teaching history that concern him. more
The Florida Department of Commerce released a new report on the state’s unemployment rate, showing that while it has risen slightly from a year ago, it continues to outpace the national average. more
The Florida Forever program has protected more than 10 million acres out of 42 million total in the entire state. more
Florida's trial on Medicaid eligibility, resulting in 1.8 million people losing coverage, has been indefinitely postponed because the judge overseeing the case had a death in her family. more
New data released shows Florida’s average teacher pay dropped from being ranked #48 in the nation last year to #50 in the latest study. more
While Florida was one of 15 states that opted out of the Summer EBT program this year, according to the department's guidelines, state officials have until August 15th to notify the U.S. Department of Agriculture whether Florida will participate in the summer of 2025. more
DeSantis signed Senate Bill 7028, which will add another $200 million in funding for the My Safe Florida Home Program. more
Florida has invested $6.5 billion into environmental protection, restoration efforts, water quality, and infrastructure of the Everglades since 2019. more
Thanks to that first Earth Day, we got the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Endangered Species Act, and a bunch of other environmental regulations. We also got the EPA. more
As average temperatures rise across the U.S., heat illness is a growing safety and health concern for workers indoors and outdoors. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that environmental heat exposure claimed the lives of 36 workers in 2021 and 56 in 2020. more
The report is trumpeted as a first-of-its-kind study showcasing how the 18 million acres of the Wildlife Corridor, which runs throughout the entire state, ease the worst impact of climate change. more
The new law, HB 433, which takes effect on July 1, forbids the state or its political subdivisions from requiring any protections not mandated by state or federal law, even for their own contractors. more
The simplified filing process could eventually save Florida taxpayers more than $530 million in filing fees every year. more
Pittman: "This is the third time some wildcatter has asked to cosplay Jed Clampett, hoping to find some a-bubblin’ crude in the wilds of North Florida. Oil, that is — Texas Tea!" more
The governor’s office cited reports from retailers estimating losses as high as $112 billion during 2022, with hot spots in New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. more
While adult recreational cannabis is now legal in 24 states, not all of those measures were passed by voters via the ballot box. more
The Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund Advisory Council has approved a new premium reimbursement formula to help alleviate the burden on insurance companies operating in Florida. more
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