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Wolf Lake Middle School Tops ELA Gain


Wolf Lake Middle School 8th Graders "most improved"

When it comes to English/Language Arts testing, The Wolf Lake Middle School 8th Graders lead the way. W0lf Lake Middle School eclipsed all other Orange County School 8th Graders in overall improvement in Florida Standard Assessments (FSA) scores in 2016. Wolf Lake Middle School increased its score by 14 points.

Orange County state test scores released

The percent of Orange County Public Schools students meeting state standards on the 2016 FSA in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics, FCAT 2.0 in Science, and End of Course (EOC) tests in Mathematics, Science and Social Sciences declined slightly compared to 2015. Overall, 52 percent of OCPS students met state standards in ELA Grades 3-10 and 54 percent met state standards in Mathematics Grades 3-8. This was the second administration of the new state tests with far less complications than in the initial year.

Tests scores for Orange County public schools improved in English Language Arts Grades 5, 6 and 8, Mathematics Grade 5 and Civics in 2016. Civics scores jumped to 66 percent and ELA Grade 6 scores rose a solid three percentage points. Average scores from 2016 exceeded 2015 averages in five of 21 tests released today (ELA Grade 5, ELA Grade 6, ELA Grade 8, Mathematics Grade 7, and Civics) and are even in four.


OCPS ELA scores remained stable overall in 2016. For both the state and the district, 52 percent of students met state standards. This is unchanged from last year. The percentage of students meeting state standards increased in fifth, sixth and eighth grades while ninth grade held steady at 50 percent. Other grades showed some decreases.

In relation to state averages, OCPS fifth graders stand out for beating the state by two percentage points. Two grades levels – fifth and sixth - are better than state average. Third and seventh graders are equal to state average.

OCPS ELA scores ranged from 48 to 55 percent meeting state standards at each grade level. Eighth grade was the best, with 55 percent scoring at Level 3 or higher on the FSA. Sixth graders raised their scores by three points to 53 percent proficiency in 2016.


Grade Biggest Gainers Highest Performers
3 Tangelo Park, +23 pts. Whispering Oak, 88 pct.
4 Durrance, +18 pts. Windermere, 83 pct.
5 John Young, +25 pts. Sunrise, 90 pct.
6 Conway, +13 pts. Arbor Ridge, 92 pct.
7 Blankner K-8, +8 pts. Arbor Ridge, 91 pct.
8 Wolf Lake, +14 pts. Arbor Ridge, 95 pct.
9 Jones, +7 pts. Timber Creek, 72 pct.
10 East River, +5 pts. Timber Creek, 69 pct.



OCPS FSA Mathematics scores for students in Grades 3 through 8 decreased slightly in 2016 from 55 percent of students meeting state standards to 54 percent. Statewide, 57 percent of students met state standards. OCPS fifth graders went up one percentage point to 55 percent meeting state standards. Results in Mathematics end-of-course exams for students in all grade levels in Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2 decreased.


Grade Biggest Gainers Highest Performers
3 Lake Silver, +23 pts. Whispering Oak, 89 pct.
4 Windy Ridge, +16 pts. Dommerich, 90 pct.
5 Orange Center, +43 pts. Whispering Oak, 90 pct.
6 Conway, +18 pts. Arbor Ridge K-8, 96 pct.
7 Glenridge, +8 pts. Arbor Ridge K-8, 92 pct.
8 Odyssey, +21 pts. Avalon, 74 pct.
Algebra 1 Liberty, +16 pts. Hunter’s Creek, 98 pct.
Geometry Bridgewater, 99 pct.
Algebra 2 Timber Creek, +21 pts. Timber Creek, 53 pct.


In science, our Biology students are on par with the state at 64 percent meeting state standards. OCPS fifth and eighth graders performed one percentage point below the statewide averages. Social studies scores increased by two percentage points in Civics from 64 to 66 percent meeting state standards and dropped by two percentage points in US History from 65 to 63 percent.


Subject Biggest Gainers Highest Performers
Grade 5 Science Hungerford, +36 pts. Whispering Oak, 88 pct.
Grade 8 Science Blankner K-8, +14 pts. Arbor Ridge K-8, 91 pct.
Biology Freedom, +7 pts. Winter Park, 77 pct.
Civics Liberty, +12 pts. Arbor Ridge K-8, 96 pct.
US History Timber Creek, +3 pts. Boone, 80 pct.

Superintendent Barbara Jenkins said, “We encourage caution in the interpretation of these results, particularly when comparing student performance to last year due to the problematic, initial administration of the Florida Standards Assessments. Nonetheless, we will examine these results carefully to increase student success.”


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