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Why Your New Year's Resolution Should Be a Better Night's Sleep



By Linda Williams

It will take years to figure out how drastically the COVID-19 pandemic has affected our health. Every month, experts release evidence that shows COVID-19 is directly or indirectly responsible for causing a myriad of health issues. For instance, the medical and psychiatric communities use a new term to describe insomnia issues stirred by the ravaging coronavirus, that term being "coronasomnia."

First and foremost, recurring sleep issues will expose the human body to potential immune system deterioration, making coronasomnia another physically devastating consequence of this pandemic. While facing the possibility of a second wave of COVID-19 infections, you should be taking note of how you are sleeping. If your immune system were to operate at half capacity, it could cause your chances of getting sick to skyrocket. If you want better sleep and to protect your immune system, you should know that the best way to achieve interrupted rest is to purchase a high-quality mattress from retailers like My UpBed. For those suffering from back pain, a mattress topper with standout pressure relief will help improve your sleep experience.

Those unfamiliar with this phenomenon dubbed “coronasomnia” may wonder why these restless nights occur. Firstly, those people diagnosed with it report extraordinary levels of stress and anxiety. A majority of this COVID-19-era stress and anxiety is a product of unemployment concerns and fears of contracting the virus. As stress and anxiety levels surge, it becomes more difficult for people to maintain good sleeping habits. Without proper rest, the physical and mental issues start piling up.

As this emotionally-wearing year comes to a close, a new year on the horizon can give quarantined and socially-distanced people a shred of hope. As you draft your list of new year's resolutions, you’ll want to focus on making your New Year resolutions count.

To ring in the new year, consider this: with New Year's parties on lockdown, repurpose your New Year's Eve as an opportunity to switch off your devices and go to bed early. With experts predicting a rough coronavirus winter and start to 2021, you’ll need as much sleep as possible.

Other surprising benefits of a good night’s sleep

Besides helping you build immunity against the coronavirus, a good night's sleep can change your life for the better in other ways. The idea that a good night's sleep is essential for optimal daily productivity isn’t a new concept. With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, the importance of a restful night’s sleep is garnering the attention of those facing new challenges from this virus.

If you’re hoping to improve your sleeping habits but need a nudge in the right direction, here are five other health benefits you could derive by getting the recommended amount of sleep for your age group.

Mood improvement

People who don't sleep well almost always exhibit some level of moodiness. Perhaps, it has something to do with how low energy levels can lower physical activity levels.

If you were to improve your sleeping habits, there is a good chance you’d notice an increase in your desire to harness the power of exercise for better mental health. Better mental health could level off your moodiness, allowing you to nurture healthier relationships.

Better heart health

When you aren’t sleeping soundly, your heart has to keep working at capacity. Remember, your heart doesn't get the rest when you pull one too many all-nighters, resulting in high blood pressure. High blood pressure exposes you to heart disease and strokes. That said, a good night's sleep is essential for optimal heart health.

Improved athleticism

In your athletic endeavors, you always want to strive for peak performance. When your body and mind are tired, it’s nearly impossible to summon the energy and desire you need to perform well. Therefore, getting a good night's sleep will boost motivation, strength, and endurance, all of which are vital for participation in competitive sports and daily exercise.

Better sexual function

How many times have you or your partner admitted that you weren't in the mood for intimacy in the last month? It's likely as a result of being tired. You would be amazed at how much better you can perform sexually when your energy levels are satisfactory.

Promotes weight loss

A lack of sleep causes weight gain for a couple of reasons. First of all, it disrupts the body's secretion of hormones like ghrelin and leptin. These are hormones that help suppress appetite. Secondly, sleeping problems at night increase the possibility you’ll crawl out of bed, wander into the kitchen, and indulge in a midnight snack. More sleep means less opportunity to mindlessly snack.


Don’t miss out on the benefits of eight uninterrupted hours of rest. Instead, ward off the coronavirus and its negative effects by boosting your immunity and prioritizing your physical health.

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