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Why Montreal is obssessed with gaming


By Rick Andersson

When you count the cities in the world that are obsessed with gaming, you cannot forget to mention Montreal. In fact, Montreal is considered one of the world leaders in the gaming industry because of how much participation it garners.

This has come as a surprise to many because the popular cities as far as gaming goes have always been Seoul, New York, and San Francisco. So why is Montreal considered a gaming-obsessed city? What are they doing differently from neighboring metropolitans?

Since the gaming industry is global, a gamer’s geographical location shouldn't have a role in the games they access and what they choose to play. So what's up with this Canadian city?

Well, let’s find out how Montreal is getting the digital native to obsess over gaming.

The Montréal advantage

Montreal has managed to secure front-row seats in AI, tech and neuroscience. All three are rapidly growing sectors that are responsible for trend setting research and world-shaping discoveries. This has hugely contributed to the metropolitan securing positions in the tech and gaming worlds. The explosive gaming action and the cheering fans is only a backdrop to a big picture.

Anyone who relocates to or visits Montreal will notice its strikingly different way of life. Not to mention the many huge opportunities for individuals to recreate themselves. The nice quality of life here allows the digital native to focus on their passions and bring more growth to a city that feels like home in every way possible.

As opposed to playing free casino slots at the end of a long day to blow off steam, Montreal residents possibly enjoy casino games throughout their day because their schedules are flexible enough to allow one to work and play.

This is unique and anyone who has travelled the world can tell. Their institutions of higher learning are A-class, and because of this, the city is home to students from all corners of the world. Montreal is considered the best city for students in North America because it provides the youth with a platform to interact with individuals from different cultures. Looking at life from different perspectives reminds you of gratitude and what really matters in life.

Perhaps that is why Montreal residents remember to enjoy the little things. While the rest of the world is burning the midnight oil to make things happen, residents here get to live life by their own terms because the system works.

Montreal is a diversity and inclusivity Hub

Montreal is the ultimate diversity and inclusivity hub, and this is evident from the metropolitan’s robust tech sector, as well as modern and vibrant organizations that have embraced the digital native’s way of thinking. The strong presence of women in Montreal-based organizations is like a breath of fresh air. The women in powerful positions, no doubt, play an essential role in the city’s adaptation of tech.

Montreal’s allure as a tech capital has attracted big players in the video gaming sector. Developers are camping here because of the city’s potential to turn tech innovations into the next big thing.

Game developers understand the role diversity plays in the uptake of a new game. Not to mention that inclusivity pushes for more connection, which is the key to the quick spread of a new game. It is a win-win for gamers and developers because each one gets satisfaction from this symbiotic relationship.

Montreal game developers ensure that every game released is inclusive and diverse to provide the level of entertainment gamers expect. The younger generations keep prodding to ensure that new games are more inclusive of female characters. After all, women are equally capable of combat as men are. The younger generation understands that it’s their responsibility to change the narrative, and it’s refreshing to see their progress.

Wrapping Up

Montreal is doing things differently and it’s evident from their way of life. Its front row seats in tech, IT and neuroscience, as well as its digital native thinking has made it an inclusivity and diversity hub. We cannot wait to see how far Montreal takes video gaming.

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