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Why Gambling is a Growing Industry in Florida


By Debz Louise

Gambling rules across the world vary from country to country and in places such as America, from state to state. You may be surprised to know that some sports betting is illegal in many states, including Florida. People who live here can do some sports bets however, but in order to have an open book on placing any type of bet, people need to visit a nearby state or take their hobby online.

Latest Events in Florida Gambling

According to recent reports by the Daily Mail, Florida is likely to legalize sports betting in the near future. They recently reported that Governor Ron DeSantis has agreed on a deal with the Seminole Tribe, which will make Florida the 28th US state to legalize sports betting. It does still need to go through approval stages with state legislators, but once given the go-ahead it would mean that the Seminole Tribe would have an annual bill of between $500 million and $600 million for at least the next 30 years. In 2018 sports gambling was banned across a number of states by the Supreme Court via the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. Since then 21 states now have sports gambling in effect with another 6 states having legalized it but yet to go ahead and have any facilities operational.

If the plans do go ahead, then bets on sporting events can be placed from anywhere, although all wages will be taken care of by servers on Seminole Tribe property. It will also allow the Tribe to run online sports betting facilities, if they wish.

What Does This Mean For Those That Want to Bet?

This means that for those in Florida, the opportunity to place bets in physical buildings is going to be on the increase. Whether you live in the state or you’re just visiting, if an agreement is reached, then you’ll be able to place a bet. It is likely that more facilities will open up, as they cater to the needs of their audience. Currently, sports betting in Florida is mostly illegal and in the scenarios it is allowed, highly restricted.

The agreement being passed will mean much more freedom for the casino industry to offer what it wants, which is likely to contribute to the popularity of the industry throughout the state over the next few months.

What Can I Do In The Meantime?

Although it is hopeful that the new guidelines will be passed soon, you can still place some bets as long as you place them online. There are many different online casinos to choose from which means that finding one to suit you and one that offers the games that you would like to play shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. Don’t worry if you come across games that you’re unsure of, you can always look up things such as “Crazy Time Guide” for help on how to play and even what tactics to use, making it easy to get to grips with any new game. Keep an eye out for online casinos that offer something a little different, such as live action casino games, as this really helps to keep online betting fun and varied.

Gambling Laws in Florida

The sessions that are due to discuss a possible change to gambling laws in Florida will start on the 17th May – and the 21 million people that call Florida home will be waiting to see what the results are. With an estimated 131 million tourists to Florida each year, the change in law is likely to see a number of new casinos open up, wanting to cater to the ever growing tourist trade.

Some of the points they will be discussing as part of the changes in legislation include:

  • Craps and roulette being allowed in casinos
  • Up to three new gambling facilities being allowed on each property without local approval
  • A revenue sharing deal that could mean around $500 million a year being paid to the state
  • Florida residents would need to be at least 21 years old to place a bet
  • Sporting bets would be allowed but prop bets would not be allowed on college bets.

To recap, it is hoped that an agreement will soon be made that will allow betting in Florida once again. It was stopped when an agreement could not be made, and the Seminoles did not make their agreement payment to the state. As such, gambling was prohibited and will be until an agreement can be made. There are many talks happening, which means that so long as they agree to continue their annual payment, betting in the state of Florida will be allowed once again. This is bound to lead to increased gambling activity and therefore industry growth throughout the state when this happens.

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