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When Do You Need Self Storage?


You need self-storage for numerous reasons, and it can be a lifeline when your space is limited or you have a big job to do. Right across America and indeed any other nation, there are facilities available. From moving to a new home to renovation, here are some of the top reasons.

Making the home office

Working from home is by far more normal today than it was just a couple of years ago. Because of this, you may need some space to create the home office you always wanted. This helps you become more productive, and a dedicated space is also safer. But it can be a big job to clear a room, so ensure you hire local movers to help transport your stuff to a storage facility. Then, you can get started creating your workspace oasis to get things done the way you want.

Moving home, of course

Of course, one of the most common reasons for using storage facilities is when you are moving. It can be an eye-opener how much stuff you actually have, and a lot of it is hard to throw away. Additionally, there is limited space in your car, van, or truck when moving, so storage allows you to come back at a later date. It can also be a good idea to store all non-essentials as it will only get in the way while you are decorating your new home.

You need self storage for collectibles

There are many people who collect things. In fact, 40% of people in the US collect something. It could be something as simple as magazines to popular items such as vintage or thrifted clothing. And while the value of a collectible can be monetary, often it is more so about the value to the person who collects. For example, there are people who collect beer bottles, which may seem worthless, but perhaps they’re valuable and mean something to the person. You can access self storage for storing your valuables  safely and in dedicated space just for that.

During a renovation

You need all the space you can get when renovating or even redecorating. Things we own just get in the way, and limited space when decorating or renovating means reduced safety. Additionally, you can almost guarantee that something valuable, like your new 80-inch OLED TV, will get paint on it, which is probably not covered by insurance. So, why take the chance? Make the right move and store anything you can when renovating to help make it all go smoother.

Storing your stock

Business can become so big that you need more space. This is especially true if you run your business from home or have seen sudden success with a side hustle such as building computers. The inventory can quickly get away from you as orders come in, and although you may have a garage, it isn’t the best or safest option. Storage facilities have 24-hour security and modern systems. These can help keep any inventory safe and secure, ready for you when needed.


Making space at home, such as for a home office, requires self-storage facilities. Keeping collectibles safe is also an option. And any business inventory is also much safer at a facility. These reasons and more are why it's good to consider how self storage can help you.

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