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What to Do in Apopka, Florida?


When people think of The Sunshine State, they think of lush vegetation, crystal-clear waters, sandy beaches, theme parks, and Florida’s top tourist destinations, Miami, Orlando, and Tampa. However, the southeasternmost US region, with the Gulf of Mexico on one side, and the Atlantic on the other, has more to offer than the things and spots rattled off above.

Apopka ranks as one of Central Florida’s primary outdoor recreational locations and is justifiably referred to as the indoor foliage capital of the world due to much of the land outside the city’s commercial and residential areas getting used for agriculture. Thus, concerning open-air activities, it is a great place to visit by those who enjoy hiking and walking in nature.

Apart from physical-strenuous undertakings, Apoka also has sights and entertainment options that visitors should consider. We mention what many see as the best in this part of the Orlando–Kissimmee–Sanford metropolitan area, one whose name comes from the Seminole word for 'potato eating place'.

Walk Apopka’s stunning trails

The main two outdoor places to consider are Lake Apopka’s wildlife and loop trails. The first, also called Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive, frequently gets complimented for the number of animals that can get spotted on this signposted road. The number of alligators that can get seen here is jaw-dropping, and the same goes for the figure of different bird species (by some accounts, around three hundred and sixty) that live in these staggering surroundings, which feature eleven miles of enjoyment and freedom.

Regarding the lake’s loop trail, which runs about seventeen miles long, beginning at Magnolia Park and moving through the Green Mountain Scenic Overlook, the water fountains in the latter mentioned section are a renowned attraction of this trail opened in 2014, as is the historic pump house. People walking this route should be cautious of coyotes and bobcats, which can be dangerous if agitated.

Visit the multiple parks

Based on reviews, Kelly Park is the place not to miss in Apopka. It costs $3 for a one to two-passenger vehicle to enter this small slice of paradise that is only a short drive from Orlando. It has benches and tables across a field lined with trees, restrooms, a river that acts as a rest pool area, and concession stands. Those looking to grab a bite to eat here should know that the Whistle Stop Restaurant is only two miles away, and around half a mile from the park, a Papa John's Pizza can be found.

Wekiwa Springs State Park and Magnolia Park also deserve exclusive trips, with a specific time to soak in what these places offer. The Wekiwa Springs State Park has a terrific campground, so it is ideal for both short-term and long-term stays, but note that dogs are not allowed in the camp's spring area. It delivers exceptional views, kayaking, swimming, and a cheap entrance fee. The already mentioned Magnolia Park is famous for being well-maintained throughout the year and as a host to multiple areas dedicated to family-day activities, exercising, and cooking. There are also several on-site ponds with trees that roaming peacocks make look magical. Swings, a zip line, and volleyball courts are also available here.

Absorb some history

Those curious to learn about the story behind the founding of Apopka should go inside the Museum of the Apopkans, located at 122 East Fifth Street. It was established in 1968. And three years later, it became a not-for-profit institution. Note that this is not a vast building by any means. Yet, it holds exhibits of prehistoric life in the area, which many locals and tourists find fascinating. Many say that going here is like stepping back to before this town was built. What is noteworthy about this museum is that five artists, residents of Apopka, volunteered their talents to visually outline the narrative of the city’s history, inputting an abundance of information in the picturesque telling of Apopka’s past.

Take in some entertainment

Outside of Nevada, New Jersey often gets called America’s second-most-visited gaming state. But, what many US residents don’t know is that Florida is home to many of the country’s largest casinos. These are venues run by the Seminole Tribe of Florida. While Apopka has no gaming locales, people wanting to test their luck on games of chance can hop over to Lucky’s, a small thirty-machine social club in Mount Dora, or make the trip to Orange City to partake in card action at the Racing and Card Club over there. It is best to initially practice using mobile casinos and look over the required factors when choosing a quality software provider before playing over the internet.

In truth, there are just a few great places for drinks worth considering in Apopka, but viable options that many have forgotten about include Stephie's Pub & Irish Eatery, the Blue Jeans Lounge, Froggers Grill & Bar, and Rock Springs. Most of these have live music on specific days of the week.

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