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What Should You Do After a Career Crisis?


You’ve thought it to yourself time and time again: you’re not sure how much you like your job and you know you need to make a change, but you’re not sure where to go from here. Maybe you should start a business? Maybe you should retain and get a new job? Or maybe you should take a ‘gap year’ and see what else is out there? The possibilities really are endless! 

But seeing as you’ve got a mortgage to pay and a roof to keep over your head, you’ve got to be smart here. When you’re in the midst of a career crisis, what can you do next to keep things turning over? Here are some ideas to keep in mind. 

You need to talk about it

Yes, you need to tell people how you’re feeling. Start outside of the workplace first, to make sure you get some genuinely supportive feedback. These are the people you’re likely to trust the most, after all, and you’ll need their ideas and advice before taking your worries to the boss. Get a balanced view on the way you feel, what you can do next, and whether or not it’s worth it to quit. 

You could develop your business idea

If you decide that your job really isn’t for you, and you want to quit and try something else, this could be a good time to develop your business idea. We all have a few floating around, but if you’re serious about trying out a new venture, the next step could be becoming a business owner of your own. And if you’ve already got a small side hustle going, as just under half of all Americans do, now’s the time to make a crucial decision about its future. Could you do it full time? 

You could join a franchise

Franchise opportunities are more numerous than you might think! During a career crisis, this could be a very attractive prospect for you. When you think about it, joining a franchise is a great way to get your name out there, and run a business that already has great potential to be successful. Profitable delivery logistics franchise opportunities are various at the moment, as are restaurant and even hotel opportunities. Consider what would be best for your skills and look into ways to apply. 

You could try to make a change at work

If you’re sure your job isn’t all that bad, and you’re going through a bad week or two, it’s worth it to make a change within the workplace. Maybe you need to cut down on your hours? Maybe you need to come in at different times? Maybe there’s a toxic coworker you need to complain about? Do whatever you need to to make work a comfortable place again; it’s not a bad effort to go through. 

A career crisis can be soul crushing. If you’re currently in one, weigh up your options and ultimately decide what’s best for you.

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