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What is a white label CBD lotion?


White labeling is a relatively newer trend in the CBD industry that allows dispensaries or burgeoning CBD brands to remove the brand or logo on a product and rebrand it as theirs.

White label CBD lotion generally refers to a CBD lotion formulation created and manufactured by a company to be sold by other multiple sellers or brands as their own.

The white label CBD company manufactures and packages the CBD lotion so that you will only need to rebrand it, making it appear as if you build the product yourself.

Starting your business using white label CBD lotion helps you avoid the numerous pitfalls associated with creating your own CBD lotion formulation like the high costs of obtaining a manufacturing license.

There are numerous trustworthy and reputable white label CBD companies that you can choose from to increase the success of your brand.

What you need to know about white label CBD lotion

A relatively large amount of the CBD lotions available on the market today are not manufactured by the labeled brand.

Instead, most brands obtain their readily manufactured CBD lotions from a white label CBD company like GVB Biopharma that have compliant facilities and years of experience manufacturing CBD formulations on a large scale.

Partnering with a white label CBD company offers your business numerous benefits, including:

  • Time to focus more on what you do best

White label CBD lotion manufacturers take all the expenses and hectic work of manufacturing products from your busy schedule. This way, you are able to focus more on promoting your brand and meeting your consumers' requirements.

  • Better prices

Most white label CBD companies are vertically integrated, meaning that they grow their own organic premium hemp and process their CBD lotions, hence keeping their product prices low.

  • Inventory control

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of partnering with a white label CBD company is that, besides carrying your overall inventory costs, they also can provide a continuous supply of products. With this, you can rest assured that any time you place an order, the products will be supplied right away.

  • Unique formulations and consistency for all products

Reputable white-label CBD brands, like GVB Biopharma, use proprietary formulations to create high-quality CBD products that you won't see provided by other private manufacturers. Additionally, they will ensure consistency by having every batch of their products tested in-house or in third-party labs for consistent levels of cannabinoids and other ingredients.


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