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What Causes Florida's High Car Accident Rates


According to a recent study by Clever Real Estate, Florida was number five on the top five list of the worst drivers in the nation. While accidents can happen everywhere, they're more common in big cities like Orlando and Miami. Some of the deadliest accidents take place in the Sunshine State. In 2022, Florida saw 391,836 car accidents resulting in 3,248 fatalities.

Tourism leads to increased congestion on the roads. Most of these drivers are reckless and aggressive. The average rate of car insurance in Florida is over $3,000, according to Bankrate. The increase in accidents is the reason behind these exuberant rates. Here are six causes of car accidents in Florida. 

Drunk driving

Drunk driving makes up for 30% of fatal crashes in Florida according to reported data from 2021. Driving drunk, or even buzzed, causes impaired judgment. You may feel that you're okay after a few drinks, but it could cause you to lower your ability to react to conditions on the road. 

Plus, you might end up seeing double, which will make it hard for you to focus. Drunk driving is common among college students, teenagers, and young people who love to travel to the state during the weekends and on holidays like Spring Break. 

Distracted driving

Distracted driving is anything that causes you to remove your hands temporarily from the steering wheel or cause you to focus on something other than the road. A 2022 study found that over 56,000 car accidents were caused by distracted driving in 2021. This can cause injuries or death to you and other drivers. 


Florida drivers often drive above the posted speed limits, even when traveling the freeways and highways. Speeding doesn't get them to their destination. Instead, it makes it hard for them to navigate the road and react to potential hazards. A car crash caused by speed causes more injuries than a crash at normal impact. 

Failing to obey traffic lights

 Some Florida drivers fail to obey traffic lights. Some examples include failing to stop completely at a stop sign, running a red light, or ignoring the signals and speed limits on the road. 

Others may include not paying attention to your surroundings and not giving the proper signals before turning. Making a wrong turn where it's not permitted is enough to cause a head-on collision, which can be fatal for both drivers involved. 

Texting while driving

According to the Nation Safety Council, 1.6 million car accidents are caused by texting while driving. Over 33,000 drivers have injuries. It's illegal to text and drive in Florida. It's similar to distracted driving since you're occupied by whatever is on your phone rather than what's in front of you. A police officer can pull you over and issue a ticket if they see you on your phone while behind the wheel. 

Florida weather

 Florida is known for its bad weather. The state is susceptible to storms like hurricanes, tornadoes, deadly lightning, and heavy rains. Even something as innocent as wind can cause drivers to crash into a structure, a pedestrian, or another vehicle. If you're not cautious, inclement weather can cause you to react unpredictably and cause a chain reaction. 

These are just some of the reasons for car accidents in Florida. This is why it's important for you to follow the cues on the road, be aware of your surroundings, and invest in car insurance. You just never know when you could find yourself at the other end of an accident. Be aware of what could happen to prevent a fatality from happening.

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